Out of Control and Outfit #2

LSU OutfitLSU Outfit

Finally, Here it is!  Outfit number two.  I realize that one leg looks shorter than the other but I think (and hope) it is just the way I laid it out when I took the picture, which is not surprising considering my talents in all things technical.  You may also notice at the top of the picture the purple headband, because yes, my friend, I have even learned to sew reversible headbands that actually kind of stay in Dancer’s hair!  So, really, the year 2007 has kind of been a banner year for me as far as self improvement goes!

On a completely unrelated note,  I had a check up today!  I went in with high hopes and dreams.  I came out still pregnant and waiting.  I found out that everything is in motion and ready–and yet, nothing.  No pains, no cramps, no discomfort, in fact (and quite unfortunately) I feel quite fine!  My sweet Dr. stripped my membranes and left me with the encouraging words that there was a 50% chance that I would deliver before next week’s appointment!  I left feeling pretty good about that until I realized that that also meant there was a 50% chance I wouldn’t.  So, basically, he told me nothing!  He did promise me, again a 2007 baby and said that next week they would look at how heavy the load was in labor and delivery and if it wasn’t too bad, they would induce.  Of course he also said that this time of year was extremely busy because NO ONE wants to be there on Christmas so everyone is trying to push the deliveries.  Oh, the joy of a Christmastime due date! 

I really have come to the conclusion that this child is fully aware of the chaos that he is about to enter into and he isn’t coming without a fight.  I think he is coming into this world kicking and screaming possibly with some force involved!  Between dogs and stripped membranes, months of shots that were apparently not needed in the least, and doing everything known to man to encourage labor with no success, I am pretty sure that I must resign myself to the fact that it is going to happen when it is going to happen.  And really, that is probably the only fitting end to this chapter of our lives.  God has shown us from the very beginning who is in control of this.  From the surprise of finding out we were having number four, to the due date, to finding out it is boy number three, I have been consistently reminded that I cannot control one single aspect of any of this and MUST rely totally upon the wisdom and strength of a mighty God.  So, I suppose I must also relinquish control of labor, enjoy the next few days and try to remind myself that no one has ever stayed pregnant forever!  Eventually, we will have another baby and a whole new set of circumstances beyond my control, so I guess I just have to “let go and let God!”

Wish me luck, this is not my strong-point!


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    Aimee said,

    Your outfit looks awesome!! Geaux Tigers!!
    Yes, you’re right, you will not stay pregnant forever! Keep up the great attitude!

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