Still Waiting

I would love to be posting about a new addition to our family.  I am not.  I would like to say it is okay and I am being positive and have a good attitude.  I do not.  I am cranky.  I am irritable.  I am VERY impatient.  It does not help to know that Wed. MIGHT be the day to induce.  It does not help to know there is only one week until the actual due date.  It does not help to know that at least I am not overdue.  Yet.

I told myself I would not get this way.  I told myself I would not listen to people and get my hopes up.  I lied to  myself.  I guess, perhaps it is because Dancer was early and that was my last experience.  Or maybe because I am just old now.  In previous pregnancies, I never got to the can’t reach your toes phase but this time around I can barely tie my shoes.  I never got really emotional but this time around I can scream or cry at any given moment for any reason–it is a little scary.  I try to remind myself that it is only a short time more but that does not seem to help.  We live in a world of instant gratification and I want to be through NOW!  I never thought I would be so depressed because I felt so good! 

In light of all this, I have been compiling a list in my head of all the things you should NEVER tell a pregnant woman at any time for any reason.  I would like to share some of the more important ones.  Consider it my Christmas gift to pregnant women everywhere.

1.  DO NOT tell her that she is big so early, she must be having twins.  They should probably check again to make sure.

2.  DO NOT tell her that she cannot possibly make it to her due date.  (She may start to believe that and I am here to tell you, that indeed she can!)

3.  DO NOT tell her she is big enough to be carrying twins.

4.  DO NOT tell her you will not be seeing her at church next week.  You probably will.

5.  DO NOT ask her if she hasn’t had that baby yet when she is quite obviously still with child.  She might slap you or burst into tears.

6.  DO NOT look at her as if she is a freak of nature, shake your head and wonderingly comment that you just did not think she would still be pregnant by now.

7.  DO NOT (If you happen to be an OB/GYN) get her hopes up and insinuate that she will probably not make it to next week’s appointment.  It is CRUEL!  Tell her, assure her, promise her, she WILL indeed be back.  If she isn’t, it will be a lucky surprise but she will not spend the next week imagining, dreaming, and hoping for labor pains that never happen!

I know there are oh, so many more, but I am sure you get the picture.  I will probably be okay until Wednesday, but if I am turned away from being induced, I cannot be held responsible for anything I say or do.  Tigerfan has even considered paying off the doctor to insure it.  Tomorrow  we plan to have a “Home Ec” day and make some Christmas goodies and Tuesday, Tigerfan will take some to his office and we will go to school.  He says we may as well just wait now and let me get in at least one more tutorial day.   I know he is right.  We have a project due that I should really be there to grade and it is one more day of pay.  So, I am going to try to stop whining for a couple of days and just be thankful that Wednesday might be the day.  Pray for peace in our house until then! 

And remember, only 7 more shopping days till Christmas!   🙂


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