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No news is still no news!  I have managed to vacuum my entire house…again.  And to think this is the third time!  I was so impressed I had gotten it done once before the baby came!  Maybe I should stop–maybe it is a bad sign that I can so easily get it done now!  Tigerfan keeps remiding me not to be discouraged–after all, the due date hasn’t even come yet but I was just really hoping not to be in the hospital on Christmas.  At the rate we are going, however it may be New Years.  As you can see, my attitude has not improved too much in the past couple of days which is why I am not posting–I just am not really in much of the mood for it.  It may be quiet here for a few days–I know everyone doesn’t want to hear me whine so the next news you hear will hopefully be that we are about to have a baby, I just hope it is in 2007, I am not so sure anymore! 


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    Aimee' said,

    Just listening to you brings back my memories of last year at this time!!!!! OHHHHH I remember how bad I wanted that baby out of me!!!!!!!!!!! I feel your pain!! LOL I tried the walking down the road in the evenings because someone told me this would help labor come faster…..but the only thing it got me was the neighbors telling me they couldn’t believe I didn’t have that baby yet!!

    S, it’s almost here!!!!! You are almost there!!

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