Back from a Blogging Break!

I know it has been forever since I have posted anything.  I have gone from a lack of inspiration to a lack of time to a lack of energy.  So much has happened in the past week!  The doctor finally had mercy and began the process of inducing last Friday, Dec. 28.  The plan was to start antibiotics (I am positive for strep B) and begin a mild medicine to soften the cervix.  They would do this for 12 hours and then begin pitocin the next morning.  However, the mild inducer was all it took.  I went into active labor at about midnight and gave birth to a precious BIG boy at 3:09 a.m.  He was a whopping 9lbs. 6oz. and I am pretty doggone proud of myself for delivering that sucker.  Considering Dancer was almost 4 pounds smaller weighing in at 5lbs. 9 0z. I feel pretty good about pushing that fellow out!  He is absolutely beautiful!!! (not that I am in any way biased).  And has the absolute sweetest personality.  He is worth every second of surprise, doubt and discomfort of the past 9 months!  I absolutely cannot imagine not having him here. 

Another blessing was my mom being here.  She came the day after Christmas to see the grandson that wasn’t and so she got to actually be in the delivery room for the first time with one of my kiddos!  It was so awesome–worth even being 5 days overdue!

I must admit that whether it is old age, four kids or a BIG baby, it has not been so easy to recuperate this time around.  As a matter of fact as I type this I am still sitting on my new best friend–the doughnut!  I have tried to ween myself off a couple of times but have decided against that rather quickly!  I guess I will have to stop carrying it with me soon.  I will look strange walking into church or a restaurant with a plastic doughnut–but I still have a few weeks, right?

We have been super blessed by members of our church and friends who have dinners lined up for us for the next three weeks, my mother in law who even offered to take all my ironing home and iron for me (is that precious or what?) and people calling to offer rides and babysitting for the older kids!  God is so good and has blessed us so much–it has made this transition so much easier.  So far we are even blessed with my most good natured baby so far.  He never fusses!  Well, unless he is hungry, but he is a man!  He will lie on his little blanket and look around, he will look into my eyes and he will sleep.  A lot!  In fact, last night he slept great–I almost feel like I got a full nights sleep.  Almost.

Anyway, basketball starts today, so the boys are gone to get haircuts and play the first game.  They will be back in a couple hours to get Dancer and go to another game and then take Dancer to a birthday party.  I hate that I am missing the games but am looking forward to a little nap while everyone is out.  The boys are excited to be back in business with an opportunity to make $1 a basket and Dancer cannot wait for her “spa party” so it should be a great day.

One more thing,  this day is also great for one more reason!  Go to Aimee’s(from sewsensible) family blog and wish her baby a happy first birthday.  He is just another example of the goodness and faithfulness of God.  Read their adoption story if you haven’t already–it is so touching!  Happy Birthday, Elijah!


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