How ’bout Those Tigers?

Well, it was a glorious night last night!  I have a houseful of happy Tigerfans and one very tired 10 year old who stayed up entirely too late cheering his beloved tigers on to become the National Champions.  For a girl who truly cares nothing about football, I am ridiculously happy.  One, because hubby and boys are happy and the game was pleasant to watch as the tigers were in control during most of the game.  I am also thrilled because while Tigerfan watched the game and held baby boy, I was able to FINALLY catch up on the ironing that had piled up to embarrassing heights during the last week and a half.  It is insane that that makes me so happy, but it truly does!  Probably because it is a sign that life may return to a sense of normalcy at some point in the near future!

Of course, there are also many signs that I will probably never regain many brain cells lost in the past few weeks.  I have forgotten to wash a load of towels, forgotten to start the dishwasher, and forgot to send snacks to tutorial with my poor kids today.  The older two took it in stride but poor Dancer couldn’t understand why I didn’t send her one!  My mind was a little distracted because I had to take baby boy into the doctor this morning after dropping off the other kiddos.  It seems that the PKU test administered in the hospital gave invalid results and so we had to repeat it.  I am very thankful that I did not have to bring the other kiddos with me.  I have finally seen baby boy’s temper.  He is so quite and so calm.  Usually.  Unless they prick his little foot and then milk blood out.  Then he gets upset. Very upset.  I have also forgotten, apparently, how to pack a diaper bag and managed to go to this lovely appointment without his beloved LSU pacifier.  So we had some mild hysteria for about ten minutes and other than a 20 minute eating break, the poor little guy has been asleep ever since, I think he wore himself out!

He is a good little sleeper, in fact I had to wake him up after 4 hours last night because I needed him to eat!  He is such a sweet little guy!  He was a doll when we tried to start back to school yesterday.  I cannot say it was the most productive school day we ever had, but we are trying!

I just had to take a short break to help Dancer.  My four year old Princess just taught me how to hook up a Leapster to the Television.  I find it very unsettling that my four year old is more technologically advanced than I am.

Well, I know this has not been too interesting, but it is an update on how we are doing around here.  I have had a little trouble getting the motivation to write (in fact, I have even had trouble getting motivated to read my usual blogs and that is unheard of) so this is the best I’ve got right now, I have to sign off because we have some severe weather headed our way and Football boy is getting nervous so I have to go man the weather channels.  Have a great night and I will update again….sometime.


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