Pricked Again

Is this impressive?  A post two days in a row!  I am trying!  It probably won’t be a long one.  I am typing one-handed while I hold baby who happens to be awake and I feel my “happy”time is limited.

We made it through a whole school day and got all our subjects done which is quite a feat for us right now!  Baby boy has been soooo precious today–he really is a good baby!  We did get some bad news today, however.  His PKU test results were unacceptable–again, so tomorrow afterdropping off the “big” kids at tutorial, I have to take him back to the clinic to have his poor little foot pricked and milked for the THIRD time!  I feel so bad for him.  Pray they get a good sample this time because I do not think I can take doing this again!

Well, as promised I must go already!  My other children are begging to be fed!  I hope to be back tomorrow!


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