All In a Day’s Work

I am checking in!  I am so amazed that there are still a few people out there who actually still check this blog on occasion.  Each day, I promise myself I will at least write something, but alas those promises rank right up there with walking for at least thirty minutes on the treadmill–I have accomplished that once in three weeks!  But at least I plan on doing these things. Eventually.

I had big plans yesterday as well, they didn’t go well.  I should have known it would be a rough day because I was just so tired when I got up.  I told Tigerfan we were going to take it easy and have an easy school day because all I could think of was my desire to take a nap!  We started off okay with Football boy actually self starting math and doing a relatively good job.  This was impressive considering every other math lesson this week has taken a minimum of 2 hours and the most problems we have had was about 16.  Yes.  16 problems.  2 hours.  Do the math.  Or not, because obviously math is unpleasant in this house.  Anyway, at some point, everything went downhill.  Football boy seems to be entering into a stage of smart mouthdom accompanied by a deep love of Dancer and baby and a deep love of aggravating the stew out of Baseball boy.  Mix in a stage of total ego-centrism where the world truly is supposed to revolve totally around his wishes and we have our current living situation.  It really isn’t pretty.  If there is ANYONE out there with good parenting advice on how to help us help him PLEASE comment.  We have tried memorizing heart verses, praying, punishment, taking privileges.  The problem is…he really thinks he is right and his way is ALWAYS the right way (I will refrain from stating who he gets this from, Tigerfan :))!  I have pretty well decided he needs to be shipped to military school.  $30,000/year doesn’t really seem THAT high of a cost–does it?  AND he could just move right on to the Air Force Academy very well prepared.  This idea is sounding better by the minute.

Anyway, after several choice encounters with our eldest, I finally made it to take a shower after lunch.  I was very excited because we had a children’s worker appreciation banquet at church and I was going to get out of the house for the first time in three weeks.  The excitement only lasted until time to get dressed.  For thirty minutes, I tried on pretty much every non-maternity item I owned only to realize that a full three weeks post-delivery I do not have a single item other than warm up suits in my entire wardrobe that I can put on my body.  As I was realizing in horror that I would have to wear maternity clothes to the banquet, I looked out the window and realized that the loves of my life our @#$%&* dogs had gotten out of their pen.  So, I grabbed a pair of sweats and with soaking wet hair went to try to get the dogs.  Only to realize that the garage door  was up and those beloved animals had gotten EVERY pair of shoes in the garage and dragged them all over the yard.  I went about picking up shoes and decided I was not even going to attempt to get the dogs back in the pen….leave it for Tigerfan.  However, it took me another thirty minutes to close the garage because every time I pressed the button, a dog would run under the door and set off the censors causing the door to raise back up.  By the time I got back in, I was mad at the dogs, mad at the boys for leaving the door open, mad at my hair because it had dried in a most unpleasant way and mad that I had to go to a banquet with bad hair and wearing maternity clothes!  I was a lot of fun to be around!  By the way, I am giving away two black labs to a semi-decent good home…let me know if you know of any good prospects.

Actually, we had a great time at the banquet, I got to visit with grown-ups and no one said “My gosh, you are still fat…are you ever going to have that baby!”  So it really wasn’t a bad night.

Now I am home waiting on basketball to be over because Dancer has a birthday Wednesday and Nana and Papaw will be out of town so we are going to have a birthday get-together at Chili’s (this is the birthday place of choice for our kids because you get a free chocolate volcano thing…gotta love it!).  This will be the baby’s first big outing.  In all likelihood, he will sleep through the whole thing, but in the unlikely event that he is awake what better place to go for one who loves to stare at ceilings as much as he does…I feel he will find the giant peppers quite eye-catching!

On a final note, I just got off the phone with an old friend.  They have eight children, two of which are the boys’ ages.  When they lived here the boys were quite close!  Anyway, she called because at 10 years of age, their grandmother takes each child and a friend on a special trip and this is the year for D to go.  He is going on a cruise and who does he want to take–Football boy.  I have never been on a cruise.  I’ve never even been invited to go on a cruise.  Yet my 10 year old has the opportunity to go…does anyone else find this slightly unfair?  I’m just asking!


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    Aimee' said,

    WAIT!!!!! I just stopped wearing some of my maternity clothes and Elijah just turned a year this month!!!!! Maybe that would explain why I just did not feel like I looked good on those days!! Glad to say though, I am maternity clothes free!!

    Glad to see you are getting out of the house! and taking naps!!

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