Tea for Two

Sunday afternoon and things are quiet on the homefront!  I don’t have long because Tigerfan has to go back to church soon, but I am trying to at least write a little something.  We had fun last night celebrating Dancer’s birthday at Chili’s.  The children even voluntarily went to bed early so they could watch a movie!  Today was church so I helped get the crew ready and sent them off with Daddy while I hung out here with the baby.  I would like to say how much I got accomplished.  How I sewed a little something or walked on the treadmill or cleaned.  What I can tell  you is…I took a shower, got dressed, put on makeup, fixed my hair and took a 20 minute nap.  Somehow, it seems more impressive if you list it all out that way, basically, I did nothing.

After the crew returned home and we had a delicious lunch of leftovers, sandwiches, etc.  Dancer and I went to her tea party at dance.  She had so much fun.  They got their nails painted, got blush and a crown, sang songs, ate cake and sandwiches and mints, made a craft, had a parade, etc.  She said she had a great time but she was going to have to miss it next year because she was going to have to take gymnastics next year instead of dance. 

I also made the most unfortunate discovery that after paying for dance lessons and a recital costume the dance recital is May 31.  At some point at the end of May we are supposed to take a trip to Disney and there are strict rules about missing dance rehearsal for several weeks before recital–I am not sure how this will resolve itself-UGH!

On the topic of Dancer, she attended a birthday party yesterday for one of her best friends.  When Tigerfan picked her up, one of the mothers told him that when the girls were playing in the bedroom, one of the little boys tried to come in.  They were blocking him out and apparently Dancer felt the need to instill a little fear into him informing him that he better stop trying to get in because…”I am stronger than I look!”  She is menacing..look out boys!

Well, Tigerfan needs to go get ready for church so I must go take kid duty–happy Sunday and I’ll see you back here….sometime!


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