Happy Birthday!

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to Dancer!  Five years ago today, our precious Dancer surprised us by arriving 5 weeks early!  She has kept us hopping ever since!  This morning we started the celebration by going to Mrs. Winners for a cinnamon roll.  Daddy took the day off work and is in the living room right now playing Barbies with Dancer–a birthday wish come true.  Not only that, but both big boys are playing, too.  Who do you think rules the roost around here?  Of course the big boys can justify it because they are using G.I. Joes–much more manly then, say, a Ken doll.  We have pizza and cake to enjoy later today and this weekend we are going to Nashville and Dancer is going to make a Build-A-Bear (another dream come true!)  Ain’t five grand!  Anyway, I must go join in the celebration!  Have a great day!

P.S.  Aimee, in case you read this, I got in trouble this morning because I didn’t make Dancer a special birthday outfit!  You may have created a monster!   🙂


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    Aimee said,

    I am LOL at your comment!!!!!!!!!!

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