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If you haven’t noticed, I have had a lot of trouble blogging consistently lately.  I really am trying, there just do not seem to be enough hours in the day.  Especially since my sweet little baby who sleeps constantly has awakened…and he is cranky!  I am trying to remember this is just a phase, a short time that will soon pass.  However, I must honestly say that I am not enjoying it.  He was sleeping a 5 hour stretch at night, now I am doing good if he goes 3.  It is usually only 2 or 2 1/2.  I know you are supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps, but I have three other children and a husband.  Clothes must be washed, food prepared, school accomplished, etc.  We are also in the midst of redoing our failed science experiment (for the third time) which is due on Monday, Dancer’s birthday party is Saturday, and I start back to the tutorial next week.

 On the subject of having trouble posting.  I had to stop after the last paragraph…two days ago.  I am just now getting back to it.  By now, I have no idea where Iwas going with it so we will just move on.  We are “snowed in” today.  By that I mean it sleeted a little last night and therefore every school system in West Tennessee has closed school.  So, despite the fact that it is now beautiful, above freezing and there is absolutely no sign of snow, my kids are all home on what would have been my last free day before going back to work…not that I am bitter.  I planned to go vote today, it is the last day for early voting but there is no way I am taking all four kids to the voting booth, so I will hopefully get there Tuesday or I will be shirking my American duty to vote in the primaries (sigh).  I do not even know yet who I would vote for…I just feel guilty not doing it.

Well, believe it or not, baby just woke up and is demanding attention.  I will get back when I can.  Thank you so much to the two or three faithfuls who have not given up on me!  Have a great day and try to stay warm!!!


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    tquack said,

    I think there are at least 4 of us who have not given up, if you count me. And just so you know it actually helps me when you don’t get to blog everyday, because let’s face it it’s me and I am not great at staying on top of things either so if you miss a day or two I haven’t missed anything when I check back in… look at the way I ramble and loose track and I only have 3 little ones with no tiny babies so in my book you are doing great

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