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Sigh! I am tired!  I know, I am supposed to be tired–I have a newborn.  I think I just did not realize how tired I would be.  It seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I want more and sleep is a precious commodity these days.  My sweet baby boy started life sleeping 4-5 hours at night.  He curbed that a little and has been going about 3 hours at a time.  Until this week.  Now, 2 1/2 hours!  Ugh!  On the upside,  Football boy has slept ALL night the last four nights–he hasn’t even gotten up to turn on the light in his room.  That is a huge blessing.  I truly love the guy, but in the middle of the night when you are startled awake by a dark figure standing over you staring silently, it kind of makes you want to do something, well, unkind!  When it happens several times a night, you actually begin planning the unkind actions ahead of time. So, the fact that he is not getting up every night is a blessing!

You can probably tell by my consistent lack of consistency in blogging that I am still having trouble getting it all together.  I can say proudly that I have managed to get all my children to tutorial with me fully clothed for 3 weeks!  I think they have even eaten breakfast most of those days!  That is about all I can brag about.  I left my purse at home Tuesday, I forget everything (including the names of my children), and I begin tasks all over the house, begin something else and never complete the first.  In fact just before sitting down to type this, I walked by the kitchen garbage to find the bathroom basket turned upside down on top.  You see, Thursdays I compile all the garbage for Tigerfan to take to the dump on Friday, so I had begun emptying the garbage, apparently gotten sidetracked and thus the basket was still in the other garbage can.  I found the toilet brush in the bathroom garbage where I had apparently begun cleaning, gotten sidetracked and when a child needed to use “the facilities” he must have removed the brush from the commode and placed it in the garbage can!  I have left Dancer’s school bag in the car twice…once on the day we traded it in on another vehicle.  The next day Tigerfan had to go to the car lot to retrieve it!  I keep thinking I will get it together soon but I am beginning to have my doubts.  I cut out a pattern to make Dancer an outfit, that is as far as I got, when I got ready to sew it, I realized I forgot to buy thread!

They say multi-tasking actually makes you more tired and that it causes more stress and you get less done.  I am beginning to believe that.  I was playing with Dancer the other day and she said several things that cracked me up.  In my mind, I was typing all the funny stuff into a blog and thought to myself I should write this down.  We were playing school, so I suggested I go get some paper to write my lessons on.  By the time I got back, I had forgotten what I was going to write–but believe me if I remembered you would be cracking up right now!

The baby is crying so I must go but I did just remember one Dancerism to leave you with.  We were flipping channels the other day and came across a show with the dancers from “Dancing With The Stars”  Dancer began watching, intrigued by the sparkly clothes the girls were wearing.  While we watched one of the couples began performing dancing down some stairs.  Dancer’s response:  “Wow!  That is a LOT of booty shaking going on!”


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It’s a Conspiracy

I need to lose weight!  I would like to say it is just a few lingering baby pounds but the truth is they are lingering from baby number 3, not baby number 4.  You will find me very romantic to know that I gave Tigerfan a set of scales for Valentine’s Day–can’t you feel the love?  Truly, though, we both could stand to lose a few pounds (okay, I could stand to lose about 30 pounds, DON’T JUDGE ME!) so we have been talking about dieting a lot lately.  That is all we have been doing.  Talking.  Usually at 9:00 at night while drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies.  But the idea is there!  At first I had the excuse that I was recovering from pregnancy and I did get on the treadmill.  Once.  I have also done crunches.  Twice.  I really can no longer use the pregnancy excuse.  Baby is 7 weeks old so it is time to get busy!  However, I have concluded that Hershey’s, M&M’s/Mars, and probably a few other large companies along with their retail counterparts do not want me to lose this weight!  It all began with Christmas goodies.  Red and Green chocolates, bell shaped candy, etc.  I buy them for the candy dish, for stockings, to bake with and the house is full of chocolate deliciousness.  And then Christmas is over and the candy goes on sale.  Who can resist chocolate for 50-75% off?  We then begin birthday season beginning Jan. 1 with Papaw then Dancer, Tigerfan, and Nana all during the month of January which of course requires cakes, desserts at restaurants and treats in treat bags.  All this ends just in time for Valentines Day where I again must run out and purchase Holiday themed chocolates to show my undying love to my precious children who will completely ignore the candy after a couple of days while I eat a piece (or ten) each time I walk by.  I again resolve to lose weight and resist the lure of chocolate only to walk into any retail establishment to find them offering the lovely sweetness at bargain prices.  Why?  Because they are clearing their shelves to make room for EASTER CANDY!  Is it any wonder that I, a woman of little to no will power cannot seem to even begin a diet?  I think Weight Watchers must own stock in Hershey’s.  It is just wrong, people, it is wrong!

On the subject of weight loss.  I have begun reading a book by Liz Curtis Higgs called “One Size Fits All and other Fables”.  It talks about the futility of dieting and that while we should try to take care of our bodies and be healthy we should also just learn to accept our bodies (and others’) the way they are and live a happy life no matter what our size.  This is so much easier said than done.  It is so hard not to compare yourself with everyone else in a room or look at yourself in a mirror and wish you could just fix….  Well, I have read several chapters of the book today and wondered how to get to that point of acceptance.  Knowing God created me in a “fearful and wonderful way” and loving myself instead of trying to convince God he must have made a mistake is soooo hard.  So, we were playing hooky from church tonight (still trying to keep the baby away from too many people–flu season, you know) and decided to watch Extreme Home Makeover together.  This is one of the few shows on T.V. anymore that just makes you feel good to watch.  They were redoing a house for a family where the oldest child, Patrick Henry, was born without eyes and without the ability to straighten his limbs.  As a result, he is, of course, blind and unable to walk.  When the family came out of the house, this 19 year old young man smiled from ear to ear and just endeared himself to everyone.  One of the team members asked how he could be so outgoing and happy with his disabilities and he responded that he didn’t think of himself as disabled.  He thinks sighted people have the disability because we tend to judge people the moment we see them, but he can only judge the inside, because he cannot see the outside.  I found that so profound.  I judge not only others by what I see, but myself, I am constantly comparing myself to others around me.  Am I the fattest, the worst dressed, the loudest (the comparisons are never positive) and automatically assume that those people see me the way I imagine myself.  What a blessing to not ever have to worry or judge based on sight.  How amazingly blessed that young man is to see his situation as a blessing and make the best of it.  He is not paralyzed by his disabilities, rather he is an inspiration.  I will definitely be trying to implement his ability to accept people for who they are inside and not judge by the outside appearance.

In other random thoughts, as you can see, I am still finding it incredibly difficult to sit down and blog.  I enjoy the times I do and the closeness to friends and family but feel frustrated at my failure to be consistent.  Bear with me,  I am trying.  Anyway, in the last week and a half since I last posted we have hung curtains in our bedroom!  Not life changing, I know, but for the first time in 12 1/2 years of marriage, I have curtains in my room!  How exciting.  AND, they look great if I do say so myself.  We have also purchased a new (used) car.  We have moved up to a small bus ( a Yukon XL) in order to accommodate our ever growing family and have room to go to LA with Nana and Papaw or pick up Nana Croc and Pops from the airport.  I have now driven my busvehicle twice and have not hit anything or run over any small children yet, so,  Yeah me!  I have purchased material and cut out the pattern for a spring outfit for Dancer and am looking for fabric for an Easter basket and skort.  However, at the rate I am going those will have to be for next Easter!  🙂  Aimee, from Sewsensible has a new website with the patterns and some night when Tigerfan can help me, I am going to include a little link thing (do I startle you with my technical knowledge?) to it. Science Fair has ended and we all survived and all that is left is for me to take my winners to our regional Fair.  Until next year.  When we do it all again.  Why do we torture ourselves?  I guess that is about all the news from our home-front.  I will post again.  Sometime.  Until then remember you ARE “fearfully and wonderfully made”. 

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Tornado Tuesday

A couple of years ago we discussed getting a tornado shelter.  Our area had been hit several times and since our “safe place” is the half bathroom under our stairs and is quite small and uncomfortable during the long periods of time during the tornado warnings, it seemed like a good purchase.  However, we opted to remodel a couple of rooms in the house instead.  You have to have proirities, you know.

Today, we are rethinking that decision.  Last night, tornadoes again tore through our community.  The results are devastating.  My college Alma Mater has had all but one building damaged and the girl’s dorms where I spent four years are destroyed.  The Walgreen’s we often buy medicine at, the assisted living facility where a friend is staying, the home of the woman who has been my tutorial sub for the last month–all damaged, some destroyed. It is so sad, so scary and while we are grateful that we were spared, we are again considering this purchase.

Last night was interesting, but I have nothing to complain about.  Other than stress and awhile spent in the bathroom, we are blessed beyond measure.  I wa so touched by the kids…they were so scared last night.  We discussed going to Tigerfan’s office to the basement and I was packing some stuff up when the boys asked could they take something.  I told them they could and in just a minute they both came down…with their Bibles.  It means so much to me that when times are tough, they know where to turn.  Football boy said he knew what we could do while we waited…read Bible stories.  When we decided to stay home and ended up getting into our “shelter” he begged me to pray.  I did and in a few minutes, he asked could he pray again…it made him feel better.  He then suggested that we sing.  We began with “Our God is an Awesome God”  we then spent the rest of the time singing praise songs.  Every time we stopped or couldn’t think of another song, he would beg us to start singing again because that is all that made him feel better.  When we could finally leave and they began talking about another round coming through He asked could we pray that the next round would not come.  He did and then I explained that they might still come but that we could still trust God.  The second round did not come.  We got storms and rough weather but no tornadoes.  This morning, the first thing Football boy said was, Momma,  the second tornadoes didn’t come.  That means we can really believe the song, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  God really is good–all the time.

Please, be in prayer for all the victims of yesterday’s tornadoes.  Not only in our community but all over the south.

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Ups and Downs

Just checking in quickly.  We turned in our Science Fair project Yeah!  Unfortunately it did not win BUT Football boy’s best friend took 1st place for physical science so we are basking in his glory.  I feel certain his EXCELLENT science teacher (who happened to be gone for the last month) had A LOT to do with this victory!

In other news, Dancer and I spent 3 hours at the Dr.’s office today.  Yes, 3 hours and we had an appointment!  I cannot imagine  what would have happened if we had gone to convenient care.  Anyway, poor baby has the Flu AND Strep throat.  She had to get a shot BUT on the upside, it only took me to hold her down and she only screamed for about 5 minutes which is a huge improvement to our last shot experience when it took Tigerfan, one or two nurses and me to hold her down and she was still screaming in the parking lot after waiting the obligatory 15 minutes for a reaction and paying.  I feel this is relatively good news since we are due for kindergarten shots.  I haven’t had the heart to tell her this yet, some things are best left as surprises. 

Anyway, I will not be starting tutorial tomorrow–I will be running the infirmary, perhaps Thursday.  Tigerfan is test driving another vehicle overnight so the boys are gone with him to Walmart.  Why? because this vehicle has a DVD player in it.  The first time EVER they have voluntarily subjected themselves to a trip to Walmart and wait to pick up a prescription, all so they can watch a movie in the car.  You have really got to love the new millennium!  Well, I must run.  Dancer is in bed, but Baby needs his mommy–by the way, we are keeping him FAR from his big sister, much to her dismay.  Pray he doesn’t get anything!

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Wild Weekend

What a weekend we have had!  It began with a “date” Friday night when Tigerfan took me out to try to find some clothes to wear when I start back to the tutorial Tuesday.   I am in that transitional period–unable to wear my pre-baby clothes and unwilling to wear maternity.  I had already bought a couple pairs of pants and a shirt but really need at least one more shirt (an outfit for Tuesdays and an outfit for Thursdays).  So we headed out for a COMPLETELY wasted evening.  I found absolutely nothing, we got home late and had to get up early for ballgames.  Since the baby will be getting out on Tuesday, we decided to just delve right in and take him out Saturday.  The boys had been wanting me to come see them play ball soo bad so off we went.  A ball game at 10:00, a quick trip to Target for a nice healthy lunch of popcorn and coke, a ballgame at 12:00, a haircut for the boys, test drive a vehicle (a looooong story), and a birthday party for dancer–to which we were late because we were test driving previously mentioned vehicle.  I know it is fashionable to be late–but to your own party?  Anyway, she had a blast.  We went in with another friend with a birthday in February and had a joint party a sweet blessing offered us by the other girl’s mother to help after the new baby.  After the party, we loaded up to go eat some catfish at what the kids like to call the “Ice Cream Place” because after you eat you get “free” ice cream, which is really the reason they go–the catfish is simply a means to an end!  Anyway, on the way to the restaurant, the big kids were riding with Nana and Papaw.  Suddenly their car pulled over and doors flew open all around.

I have complete faith in our children so my response was, of course, “Uh,oh  I wonder who is in trouble!”

I was wrong, the problem was not naughty children but one throwing up child.  After all the fun of the day, Baseball boy was sick!  I took the baby and B.B. and went home and the others went on to eat.

This morning was supposed to be baby’s first Sunday at church.  Instead, we stayed home with not one but two sickos as Dancer woke up also running fever this morning.  So, Super Bowl Sunday we have two sick kids, a Science Fair project due tomorrow and not yet completed despite the fact that his mother assigned the project, and we were supposed to go to a friend’s house to watch the game.  Baby’s first Sunday at church became baby’s first experience being kept totally away from brothers and sisters to avoid him getting sick.  At the same time, we were trying to complete the Science project–and yes, I do mean we.  Somehow it took three people to make that board–a board demonstrating a project that failed not once, not twice, but three times.  So, basically we spent the entire morning compiling a board telling all about how Football boy’s project didn’t work.  We have a paper telling us, a journal telling us, and even a photo montage of how we failed to grow bacteria.  Three times.  If I wasn’t TRYING to grow bacteria, I feel certain that if I tested anything in my kitchen I could find some, but try to do it for a project-nothing.  Three times.

Well, we are now through.  Baseball boy feels fine but is still running fever.  Dancer feels yucky and is still running fever.  So far, no one else is puny.  Football boy and Tigerfan are watching the Superbowl and eating all the snacks meant to take to our party.  Football boy is anxiously waiting to hear “the hippies” singing at the half time show (the hippies are how he has begun referring to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and we are getting ready to play a rousing game of Candyland with Dancer (can you believe until yesterday we had never had the game Candyland–with three (now four) children).

Tomorrow we will head to the tutorial for the Science Fair that Football boy still optimistically hopes to win and Tuesday I go back to tutorial.  It should be an interesting week! 

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