Wild Weekend

What a weekend we have had!  It began with a “date” Friday night when Tigerfan took me out to try to find some clothes to wear when I start back to the tutorial Tuesday.   I am in that transitional period–unable to wear my pre-baby clothes and unwilling to wear maternity.  I had already bought a couple pairs of pants and a shirt but really need at least one more shirt (an outfit for Tuesdays and an outfit for Thursdays).  So we headed out for a COMPLETELY wasted evening.  I found absolutely nothing, we got home late and had to get up early for ballgames.  Since the baby will be getting out on Tuesday, we decided to just delve right in and take him out Saturday.  The boys had been wanting me to come see them play ball soo bad so off we went.  A ball game at 10:00, a quick trip to Target for a nice healthy lunch of popcorn and coke, a ballgame at 12:00, a haircut for the boys, test drive a vehicle (a looooong story), and a birthday party for dancer–to which we were late because we were test driving previously mentioned vehicle.  I know it is fashionable to be late–but to your own party?  Anyway, she had a blast.  We went in with another friend with a birthday in February and had a joint party a sweet blessing offered us by the other girl’s mother to help after the new baby.  After the party, we loaded up to go eat some catfish at what the kids like to call the “Ice Cream Place” because after you eat you get “free” ice cream, which is really the reason they go–the catfish is simply a means to an end!  Anyway, on the way to the restaurant, the big kids were riding with Nana and Papaw.  Suddenly their car pulled over and doors flew open all around.

I have complete faith in our children so my response was, of course, “Uh,oh  I wonder who is in trouble!”

I was wrong, the problem was not naughty children but one throwing up child.  After all the fun of the day, Baseball boy was sick!  I took the baby and B.B. and went home and the others went on to eat.

This morning was supposed to be baby’s first Sunday at church.  Instead, we stayed home with not one but two sickos as Dancer woke up also running fever this morning.  So, Super Bowl Sunday we have two sick kids, a Science Fair project due tomorrow and not yet completed despite the fact that his mother assigned the project, and we were supposed to go to a friend’s house to watch the game.  Baby’s first Sunday at church became baby’s first experience being kept totally away from brothers and sisters to avoid him getting sick.  At the same time, we were trying to complete the Science project–and yes, I do mean we.  Somehow it took three people to make that board–a board demonstrating a project that failed not once, not twice, but three times.  So, basically we spent the entire morning compiling a board telling all about how Football boy’s project didn’t work.  We have a paper telling us, a journal telling us, and even a photo montage of how we failed to grow bacteria.  Three times.  If I wasn’t TRYING to grow bacteria, I feel certain that if I tested anything in my kitchen I could find some, but try to do it for a project-nothing.  Three times.

Well, we are now through.  Baseball boy feels fine but is still running fever.  Dancer feels yucky and is still running fever.  So far, no one else is puny.  Football boy and Tigerfan are watching the Superbowl and eating all the snacks meant to take to our party.  Football boy is anxiously waiting to hear “the hippies” singing at the half time show (the hippies are how he has begun referring to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and we are getting ready to play a rousing game of Candyland with Dancer (can you believe until yesterday we had never had the game Candyland–with three (now four) children).

Tomorrow we will head to the tutorial for the Science Fair that Football boy still optimistically hopes to win and Tuesday I go back to tutorial.  It should be an interesting week! 


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