Ups and Downs

Just checking in quickly.  We turned in our Science Fair project Yeah!  Unfortunately it did not win BUT Football boy’s best friend took 1st place for physical science so we are basking in his glory.  I feel certain his EXCELLENT science teacher (who happened to be gone for the last month) had A LOT to do with this victory!

In other news, Dancer and I spent 3 hours at the Dr.’s office today.  Yes, 3 hours and we had an appointment!  I cannot imagine  what would have happened if we had gone to convenient care.  Anyway, poor baby has the Flu AND Strep throat.  She had to get a shot BUT on the upside, it only took me to hold her down and she only screamed for about 5 minutes which is a huge improvement to our last shot experience when it took Tigerfan, one or two nurses and me to hold her down and she was still screaming in the parking lot after waiting the obligatory 15 minutes for a reaction and paying.  I feel this is relatively good news since we are due for kindergarten shots.  I haven’t had the heart to tell her this yet, some things are best left as surprises. 

Anyway, I will not be starting tutorial tomorrow–I will be running the infirmary, perhaps Thursday.  Tigerfan is test driving another vehicle overnight so the boys are gone with him to Walmart.  Why? because this vehicle has a DVD player in it.  The first time EVER they have voluntarily subjected themselves to a trip to Walmart and wait to pick up a prescription, all so they can watch a movie in the car.  You have really got to love the new millennium!  Well, I must run.  Dancer is in bed, but Baby needs his mommy–by the way, we are keeping him FAR from his big sister, much to her dismay.  Pray he doesn’t get anything!


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    tquack said,

    you need to let me know what is up with the cars and test driving. is something up with one of your vehicles? let me know

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