Tornado Tuesday

A couple of years ago we discussed getting a tornado shelter.  Our area had been hit several times and since our “safe place” is the half bathroom under our stairs and is quite small and uncomfortable during the long periods of time during the tornado warnings, it seemed like a good purchase.  However, we opted to remodel a couple of rooms in the house instead.  You have to have proirities, you know.

Today, we are rethinking that decision.  Last night, tornadoes again tore through our community.  The results are devastating.  My college Alma Mater has had all but one building damaged and the girl’s dorms where I spent four years are destroyed.  The Walgreen’s we often buy medicine at, the assisted living facility where a friend is staying, the home of the woman who has been my tutorial sub for the last month–all damaged, some destroyed. It is so sad, so scary and while we are grateful that we were spared, we are again considering this purchase.

Last night was interesting, but I have nothing to complain about.  Other than stress and awhile spent in the bathroom, we are blessed beyond measure.  I wa so touched by the kids…they were so scared last night.  We discussed going to Tigerfan’s office to the basement and I was packing some stuff up when the boys asked could they take something.  I told them they could and in just a minute they both came down…with their Bibles.  It means so much to me that when times are tough, they know where to turn.  Football boy said he knew what we could do while we waited…read Bible stories.  When we decided to stay home and ended up getting into our “shelter” he begged me to pray.  I did and in a few minutes, he asked could he pray again…it made him feel better.  He then suggested that we sing.  We began with “Our God is an Awesome God”  we then spent the rest of the time singing praise songs.  Every time we stopped or couldn’t think of another song, he would beg us to start singing again because that is all that made him feel better.  When we could finally leave and they began talking about another round coming through He asked could we pray that the next round would not come.  He did and then I explained that they might still come but that we could still trust God.  The second round did not come.  We got storms and rough weather but no tornadoes.  This morning, the first thing Football boy said was, Momma,  the second tornadoes didn’t come.  That means we can really believe the song, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  God really is good–all the time.

Please, be in prayer for all the victims of yesterday’s tornadoes.  Not only in our community but all over the south.


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  1. 1

    Aimee said,

    Wow! I am praying for all of your community! Glad you are Ok!

  2. 2

    Pops said,

    WOW! It is Sunday morning and I just read this blog to your mom and gammie and cried the whole time I read it. We have now been to one of the best worship services I have ever been to and we haven’t left the house. Thanks for sharring this with anyone who might stumble accross it. But especially with us.


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