Happy Birthday Baseball Boy!

Today we celebrate Baseball boy’s 8th birthday!  Tigerfan has taken the day off work and the party will last all day!  He has requested Mrs. Winner’s cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  A chocolate chip cookie cake and ice cream and Chili’s for dinner (because you get a free dessert on your birthday)  Does anyone see a trend here?  The rest of the day will be spent playing Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam on the Wii.  Because, you know, you have to work off all those calories somehow.
I have resisted buying a game system for 11 years because the attitudes that accompany the playing of the games is, let’s just say, unworthy of a Nobel peace prize…or any peace prize…or any prize.  However, I relented this year.  Why?  Because I wanted a Wii.  I had heard much about how fun they were,  how much fun it was to have a family game night and play, etc.  So this year, we got a Wii.  However, we have only had two games so the new has worn off.  Baseball boy had played this Tony Hawk game at a friends and asked for it for his birthday, so that is what he got.  He is having a ball, no huge arguments and no arguments have burst out but I think they probably burned more calories chewing their cinnamon roll than they are on the downhill jam…so much for a P.E. credit!

Anyway, I must go party a little more!  Have a great day and Happy Birthday to my nephew as well…March 3 is a happening day (or maybe 9 months earlier???)!


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    tquack said,

    Very funny on the 9 months….that is all I have to say…that can be posted publicly. After all I am the one that certain words (we both know what words those are) bring me springing to mind! And I know you mean that in the best way.

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