I am Partying!

Okay, I am attempting my first ever blogging party! I am relatively new to blogging and completely without any type of technological know how. I have attempted to add an occasional picture (my husband had to do it) and tried to add a button, link thing to a friend's blog with complete lack of success. So, this may turn out to be a complete failure, but I am going to try! I am joining the fun with the Five Minutes For Mom blogging party so check out that blog for many more links (which, by the way will be filled with pictures, videos, prizes, etc. none of which I am smart enough to add!)

Anyway, I am a christian, homeschooling mom of four kids just trying to make it!  I try to find the amusing side of parenting and connect with other moms.  I really do not get out much and found myself feeling a little lonely and isolated when I discovered the wonderful world of blogging about a year ago.  I was a lurker for many months until my sweet husband helped me set up a blog of my own.  Right now my audience is mostly my family and a few friends along with a couple of people who have stumbled across my blog.  I would say I have an average readership of about 5!  LOL Hey, all I can do is go up from here!  I hope that I can share my faith and the joys and struggles of parenting with other moms out there!  I love reading other "mommy blogs" and have also discovered the world of sewing through blogging.  It is like my own little "Quilting Bee"! 

So, come look around!  I love to sew, cook, watch HGTV, and tell embarrassing stories about life in our house!  I am trying to become regular again after giving birth to baby number four a couple of months ago!  Enjoy yourself and I highly recommend consuming chocolate as you read!


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  1. 1

    Becoming Me said,

    Welcome to blogging. I’m a new kid on the block as well. Blessings, Angela

  2. 2

    Michie said,

    Welcome to the blog party! I am a new blogger too, trying to teach myself how to do all the stuff the “cool” kids are doing. Thanks for inviting me by. 🙂

  3. 3

    Carmen said,

    Hi hi hi! Happy new baby!Chocolate is a welcome friend…just enjoyed a chocolate fondue party (in real life) today! Welcome to the party! Now that you’re here, let’s get this party started! There are so many new folks to meet. What a pleasure indeed!

    Peek in on us at GraceFULL Days & say hi before you go! Skip over the Vicks Caring Tributes & vote for my Gracie Cakes story as one of their finalists~ Thanks in advance. http://videos.vickscaringtributes.com/videos/index.html

    GraceFULL blessings to you & yours~


  4. 4

    Hi! I’m always willing to eat chocolate! 🙂 I’m a new blogger and a mom to four, too. 🙂 Isn’t it fun? 🙂 🙂
    How old are your kids?

  5. 5

    acupofjoy said,

    I’m inviting you to party with me!

    Win some chocolate from my-sister-in-law and I…we blog about CHOCOLATE…me from Australia…and her from Michigan. Here’s the link: http://thechocolistas.blogspot.com/2008/03/ultimate-blog-party-2008.html

    What am I doing in Australia? I married an Aussie…and moved to Brisbane, leaving my family and friends and all the right-side-of-the-road drivers in America.

    Win a handmade pocket place mat from my blog Comfort Joy Designs. Here’s the link:

    Want to know more about life in Australia? Visit my A Cup of Joy site where I keep up with my family and friends in America. Here’s the link:

    Happy Partying!

  6. 6

    Carmen said,

    You’re a dear! Thanks for your comment and for voting for us at Vicks! Thoughtul you~

  7. 7

    maria said,

    hola!!! i am a homeschooling mommy too!! don’t you just love it? i have 3 kiddos though (all boys!) and i love to blog! you did a GREAT JOB and in no time you will be a pro at it!!

    take care and stop by my little party too!


  8. 8

    pam said,

    So, so glad you joined in the fun.

    I know the pain of isolation and loneliness as well. I pray you find numerous bloggy friends who can help ease that empty place. Yet, ultimately we all find completion in the Lord.

    It’s just nice to have someone who will verbally comment at times and cheer us on, too.

    I’ll be your cheerleader for today! You are doing a great job with the new blog.

    Have a blessed day.

  9. 9

    Melissa said,

    hope you have a fun party!!!!

  10. 10

    I’m not as good as I look. 🙂 My DH showed me lots of things and I learned a lot by making mistakes. lol Blogging is just such fun, though.

  11. 11

    Linda said,

    Welcome to the blog party! I am also a homeschooling mom. If you have not had a chance to visit my blog come by! I am giving away a cookbook this week and some cool soap products.

  12. 12

    Amanda said,

    Hey – Just stopping by to party at your blog! I’m a (sort-of) new bloggy and an even newer Mommy. I really don’t know how you do it with four, lol, but I think it will get easier with time. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself!!!) I don’t, however, stay at home or homeschool my kids. I’m a full time paralegal and love it! (Although there isn’t enough time during the day for work and time with my husband and son…)

    I’ll be stopping back by your blog…hopefully you’ll stop by mine, too!


  13. 13

    Storm said,

    Still hopping from blog to blog… my goal is to post at each blog at least once. Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

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