If You Belong to the ASPCA, Stop Reading Now!

We are back!  We survived our little trip to Northeast Louisiana!  We had such a great time and enjoyed the visit so much!  The joy soon ended, however, upon entering our driveway.  Yes the dogs had once again escaped!  Apparently a little known fact about labs are that they have an unnatural ability to escape metal enclosures!  We should have learned this after our first psychotic dog but we really thought that she was, well unique!  Unfortunately, that is not at all the case.  If you have read long or have known our family, you know that we just do not have good luck with animals so why we thought this time would be different, I do not know.  It is not different.  We have actually been trying to find the dogs another home for quite sometime because although we have almost three acres and a pond, we do not have a fence and so the dogs cannot run freely unless we are out and since we have a newborn and three children who are terrified of them, we do not let them out enough.  Their solution?  Escape!  The first time we just thought it was a fluke, but no..they are true Houdini’s.  Their dog pen now looks like something straight out of a “You know you’re a redneck when…”  joke.  We have a pen, wrapped with wood pieces that have been saved from a discarded shelving unit held against the fence by cinder blocks.  And yet, they continue to escape.  The good news, they usually stay close to home.  The bad news, they love to empty the garbage cans and strew the garbage all over the lawn and go next door and do the same with the neighbor’s cushions from their outdoor furniture.  This weekend, we thought we had ’em beat.  Their pen was secured like Fort Knox, the garbage cans were empty, and they had TONS of food.  However, we drove into the driveway tonight only to be greeted by the wagging tail of Biscuit, the dog.  Molly soon joined us when she made her way up from the horse pasture behind our house.  We were also greeted by a waterhose from somewhere, the bucket covering our well pump destroyed and…the worst of all:  Tigerfan works for Bellsouth who was bought out by AT&T, he had recently ordered new shirts with the AT&T logo which were, of course delivered while we were gone.  The dogs found the box.  The dogs opened the box.  The dogs emptied the contents of the box.  One shirt is still MIA, the other is in the laundry room covered in what I hope is mud…maybe it will wash out!  On a positive note, the dogs are back in their pen and at this moment still alive, however, if we do not find a new home for them soon, very soon, I can only imagine what you may hear next.  Anyone want a couple of dogs?

On another completely different subject, we went to Louisiana this weekend.  The home of LSU.  National Champions of college football.  Tigerfan and the boys were in hog heaven!  Fortunately for us, stores everywhere were having clearance sales on LSU paraphernalia!  It began at Stage.  T-shirts four $4.00!  T-shirts for $2.00, the boys even found T-shirts to fit them for $9.00 (okay, that wasn’t a bargain, but they really didn’t care!).  They then went to Hibbett Sporting Goods, Oh, the bargains!  Then to Dollar General and more deals to be had.  In all, we came home with: Tigerfan-an LSU polo style shirt, 2 T-shirts, and a hooded sweatshirt;  Football and Baseball boy-two new LSU t-shirts apiece;  Dancer-an LSU t-shirt, a capri outfit and some ballet flats (okay, the last two were not LSU, but they are really cute and were bargains!).  We also bought my brother in law an LSU polo shirt for his birthday.  When Tigerfan and his dad went into a hunting store we had to make them promise not to look at anything with LSU on it–we were afraid of coming home with an LSU four wheeler or something and as a matter of fact he did mention a really cool cooler he saw–but he did resist that temptation!  So, if you happen to be travelling through West Tennessee and see a large family decked out in purple and gold, come say Hi!  You have probably just met us!


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