It is amazing how quickly things can change.You are a college student and then married and then a parent in the blink of an eye.  It is really after children that life begins changing at whirlwind velocity.  Never more than now have I realized that.  Our oldest child will be turning 11 in less than a month.  He likes to remind me that in less than a month he will only be two years away from being a teenager.  A thought that, frankly, makes my blood run cold.  I am not ready for teenagers!

Anyway, it seems that with the upcoming birthday, Football boy has decided to make some changes of his own.  It began a few weeks ago.  He has always been quite terrified at night.  For years he would come to our room during the night and get in a sleeping bag next to the bed to sleep…until we kicked him out.  He was doing great until that fear again reared its ugly head.  We were determined not to start the whole sleeping bag thing so we told him just to turn the lamp on in his room when he woke up afraid.  This led to some miserable nights for everyone with him begging to sleep in our room and Tigerfan begging him to sleep and me begging for a trip to Australia (not really)!  A couple of weeks ago I finally asked him what he was afraid of (the answer is just about everything) and his main fear was someone getting into the house.  So, I decided to walk him through the house and let  him check all the doors to be sure they were locked, closets to be sure they were empty, etc.  It worked!  That child has slept all night long in his bed ever since!

He also had to go to sleep with the light on every night, much to the annoyance of Baseball boy with whom he shares a room!  All of a sudden, he is getting up and turning off the light so he can get to sleep easier!

These changes are big, but the real whoppers relate to food!  This weekend in Louisiana we visited one of Tigerfan’s favorite restaurants.  Catfish Inn in Hamburg, Arkansas.  It is a fried food lover’s dream and your heart’s worst nightmare.  There is fried fish, fried chicken, fried oysters, french fries, fried okra, fried onion rings…you get the picture.  Football boy was getting all geared up for a chicken leg as he moved down the buffet line.  He found a choice morsel and added it to his plate…only it wasn’t a chicken leg.  It was a frog leg.  Tigerfan, of course, encouraged him to take it and kept silent about the true identity of the meat.  Baseball Boy was not far behind and also began to take a chickenfrog leg but Tigerfan had mercy on him explaining the “joke” he was playing on Football boy.  BB must have had an unusual fit of compassion because when he got to the table he told FB the truth.  But FB ate the frog leg anyway, fully aware of its identity!  This is the boy who gags when he eats applesauce (or any fruit)!  Not only did he try it, he ate the whole thing!  And has already planned to eat another next time we go eat Chinese Food.  He also tried a chimichanga from my plate when we went to eat Mexican yesterday–a huge veering from his usual chicken nugget platter!  I guess my little boy is growing up.  I can only imagine what may come next.  Maybe he will start to clean his room or put away his Nintendo DS!  Hey, stranger things have happened!


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