The way to Dancer’s Heart

Dancer and I were playing school tonight when Football boy decided to join us.  He likes to come in and aggravate Dancer (who plays teacher) and get her to move his name to the red light.  Usually this game ends in wrestling and destruction and I kind of hate it so I turned the tables on FB.  He had already been  moved to red light several times and was getting on Dancer’s nerves when I suggested that one of the “centers” should be a massage center.  Tigerfan gave me a little hand-held massager for Christmas and all the kids love it.  The catch was that only people on green light could go to the center.  Immediately FB began trying to get back into the good graces of teacher so he could get a massage.

As the game progressed, FB announced that he had brought Teacher a treat.  She asked what is was and he said an apple.  Dancer rolled her eyes and said she didn’t like food and he needed to bring her something better.  He tried a couple of more things only to be shot down.  Dancer than looked at me to see if I had brought her something that she liked.  Being the brown noser that I am, I replied that I had brought her a pretty necklace.  Her eyes lit up, her mouth broke into a grin and she sweetly thanked me and told me she would wear the imaginary bauble right then.  FB got the idea then and said he had something for her.  She sweetly asked what it was and then finished up by announcing that, “it better be jewelry!”

That is my girl! 


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