Post Easter List

Happy day after the day after Easter!  I have had a little trouble getting to the computer the past few days.  Here’s what has been going on:

1.  Saturday was a youth hunt so Tigerfan and Football boy headed into the wilderness to try to conquer a turkey.  They saw many…they conquered none.  Maybe next week.

2.  While the mighty hunters stalked their prey, I took the rest of the clan to the Resurrection Celebration at our church.  Fun stuff.  When we returned home the hunters were already back and Tigerfan was vacuuming my floor (he really is a good egg!).  Baseball boy and Tigerfan then had to leave for a rather chilly baseball practice.

3.  I decided to begin the egg dying process at that point.  No one in our house except Tigerfan eats boiled eggs so after a couple of years of throwing away a lot of eggs, I decided to simplify and downsize this year.  I bought one carton of 18 eggs and told the kids they could each dye 6.  I know, I sound like a humbug, but to dye eggs I know I am going to throw away just seems a little ridiculous.  I had purchased a box of egg dye during my last Walmart trip.  The eggs were boiled and we were ready.  I opened the box and dumped the contents to find twelve, yes twelve, dye tablets.  I had 18 eggs.  And 12 colors.  What ever happened to the nice, simple, six pack?  On the upside, no one had to wait for another person’s egg to finish in a color.  What, you want red–there are three choices?  Green?  Neon or Lime?  I even took a picture of the huge conglomeration of dye containers, unfortunately I find it impossible to transfer said pictures to this blog, so use your imagination…and think BIG! 

4.  We had a nice, peaceful, 50 degree Easter.  I ordered Dancer a dress off Ebay.  It didn’t come (which is actually good because it was sleeveless–by the way, it came today!).  We got the big boys shirts.  At about 8:00 Saturday night, we like to think ahead around here.  The baby–I used great aforethought and had him a precious Easter outfit before he was even born!  Unfortunately, it was a short outfit.  I put him in it anyway, wrapped him in a blanket and called it good.  Tigerfan has some great pictures and has even okay-ed posting them.  Unfortunately we have that pesky problem of my complete lack of technological know how.  Hopefully at some point this week he can do it.  Not tomorrow night, though.  Tomorrow night we must waste precious time and brain cells watching Housewives of New York (or something like that). 

5.  After a delicious lunch at my MIL’s to which I contributed deviled eggs (which I do not eat) and a strawberry pie (that she gave me all the ingredients for), we took the kids to the theater to see Horton Hears a Who.  I know that is a strange Easter activity, but it was so fun, really a cute movie, and so quiet and calm at the theater.  Apparently movie going is not a high Easter day activity.

6.  Today, we had to get back to normal life, a full day of school, laundry, etc.  We went to dance only to find out they were still on Spring Break.  So we went to Target and bought Easter Candy at 50% off.  If you have read long, you know all about this candy conspiracy.  I mean, you cannot turn down chocolate at 50% off even if your counter is completely covered in all varieties of chocolate treasure.  Even if Nana bought two packages of Easter cupcakes because they were only $.75 and then gave them to us.  Even if I desperately need to lose 30 pounds.  It is 50% off, people!  Do not worry though, I am going to take it to the tutorial and feed it to my class.  That way I get the thrill of the bargain, but not the calories.  And who doesn’t like a teacher who gives them chocolate?  If I can’t be mother of the year, maybe I can get the teacher award….


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  1. 1

    Sounds like a very fun and busy weekend!

    I’m heading to Target too. I NEED MORE CANDY!

  2. 2

    Fun! LOL on your thinking ahead for the Easter clothes! My kids were just going to wear the clothes we got for them last year, but at the last moment, DH remembered their Christmas present clothes so we used those. lol And I’m so with you about the after easter candy! I wouldn’t even let myself go to the store!!!

  3. 3

    Ohhh Target…I miss it. We don’t have one up here. But soon we will and then Target and I will be together again. Shop for the both of us 🙂

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