Just Checking In

This blogging thing was soooo much easier before having a newborn and going back to tutorial!  I am finding it so hard to get time to post!  In the past two days, I have thought of twenty different things to type about but haven’t had the time and now I must quickly go because I am 15 minutes late to popcorn and House Hunters night!  Really, there is a bowl of popcorn, a Diet Pepsi, and a brand new bag of peanut M&M’s waiting for Tigerfan and I and really, you have to have priorities.  I will try to post about the weeks goings on tomorrow.  I realized that in about a week and a half I am sending my almost 11 year old baby on a Mexican cruise and I AM NOT READY emotionally or otherwise.  What were we thinking when we said he could go?  Well, I must go check out house number 3!

By the way, if you get a chance please keep my dear friend, Heather in your prayers.  She is the wife of an army chaplain stationed in Germany.  She had pneumonia that went into an infection in her lungs.  She has been in ICU in Germany for almost two weeks.  Today, the doctors performed a surgery to remove the infected part of her lungs.  The surgery went well, but she is still fighting for her life.  She has a 13 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and they all need to be bathed in prayer.  Thanks bunches!


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