Unwelcome Visitor

The following events will hereafter be referred to as the Great Mouse Incident of ’08.  It began Friday night as I sat alone in the living room awaiting Tigerfan.  I thought I saw a shadow move across the floor and felt the slightest fluttering of my heart.  I jumped up and began kicking things to no avail and decided it must have been my imagination.

Saturday afternoon, I told Tigerfan of my imaginings.  He responded that it could have been a mouse.  The incident was forgotten until Saturday night as Tigerfan and I relaxed together on the couch enjoying some Chocolate Moose (not mouse) Tracks Ice Cream.  As Tigerfan worked at a chunk of fudge, I again saw a fleeting shadow of something.  Tigerfan did not see it.  My imagination again, right.  Wrong.  All of a sudden from behind the entertainment center shot a mouse!  In my house!

I would like to say I was calm and self controlled.  That would be a lie.  I screamed and jumped on the couch!  Tigerfan saw it and jumped up.  He is my hero, so he was ready to save his bride from the killer mouse!  He did, however, pause to observe the mouse, inform me that he was far more scared of us than we were of him and then proceed to tell me how cute he was peeking out from behind the magazines!

I remember as a child watching an episode of Three’s Company (I know, quality TV at its best).  There was a mouse in the apartment and the girls built a path of chairs through the apartment to walk on while wielding a wooden spoon with which to protect themselves.  I thought they were so silly.  I mean it was just a little mouse.  What could it do?  I know longer mock them.  Inside I know it is a very irrational fear, but all I could think of was him jumping out and running across my feet, or jumping out of the pantry, or out from under the couch.  AAAGh!  I am scaring myself again.

Anyway, when Tigerfan finished admiring his new friend he tried to come up with a plan.  It involved covering the box Mickey was hiding behind with a garbage bag and carrying it outside to release the little guy back into his natural habitat.  Good plan.  It didn’t come to fruition.  Plan B involved a broom and trying to smash the little guy.  I had to leave the room for that one so I cannot give details but long story short (Ha!) this plan was also unsuccessful however, it did manage to flush him out of his hiding spot.  He escaped into the fireplace and disappeared.  Tigerfan found a tiny hole in the mortar between the bricks and was convinced it was here Mickey had made his entrance and hopefully his escape.  The hole HAD to be plugged!  So, my little Macgyver patched it…with plastic tac. He then proceeded to torment me the rest of the evening by running his fingers up my back and legs to give me the sensation of a mouse running across me!  He’s a keeper!

Hopefully, the plan worked.  There have been no mouse sightings today although every time I open the pantry, walk by the sofa or any other opening, I feel compelled to check them out quite thoroughly.  Tigerfan bought some mortar repair and made a more permanent fix and we have a lovely glue trap next to the entertainment center.  Hopefully that will be the last we see of our little unwelcome guest but I am seriously considering investing in a cat!


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