The Great Mouse Incident of ’08 Continued…

He’s Baaaaack!  Or was.  Oh yes, I thought he was gone to.  I naively began leaving my shoes out on the floor, I stopped checking the trap daily, I even confidently walked by the fireplace without my heart skipping a beat.  And yet he, or perhaps a friend, lingered.

Thankfully, I was not home when the drama continued to unfold.  A loving God, in his infinite wisdom had allowed me to take the first extended road trip of my married life…one I will surely blog about soon…and saved me from what could surely have been my last day!  🙂

Tigerfan and I were talking as I drove home yesterday and told me this story:  He stayed home from the trip to take Football boyto his cruise in order to turkey hunt.  He had spent the weekend alone and had gone to bed one night but was not sleeping well.  He kept hearing something and being unable to sleep, finally got up to investigate.  Upon entering our bathroom, he found the source of the noise.  A mouse.  IN MY BATHTUB!!!!  Is nothing sacred?  Exactly how does a mouse get into a bathtub anyway?  And the noise?  He couldn’t get out.  How does a mouse get upstairs?  And are there more lingering in my room, behind the walls, under the bed?  Unfortunately for rodent lovers everywhere, that particular mouse met an early demise that night, but one must wonder:  is there a whole mouse colony living in my house, in my room…Ugh!  This morning, I felt compelled to stomp on my houseshoes before placing my feet into them–just in case a mouse thought they would make a nice bed.  My heart beat a little faster when I got up last night for a little potty break.  Why, after four years in this house, are we suddenly having these little visitors and how do we get rid of them?

Tigerfan’s work associates have been extremely helpful.  They have informed us that they have experienced mice coming up drain pipes, mice can get in through any hole as tiny as a dime, there are probably more and there is really no way to get rid of them except  maybe putting out poison all around the house.  So, basically, I am now afraid of walking through my own house after dark because of a completely unreasonable fear of something less that six inches long, there are probably more lurking and waiting, and we will probably have a hard time getting rid of them AND we are in a housing slump so I can’t even get rid of them by selling my house.  Are there mice in Australia–It may be time for a visit!


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