Noah’s Car

I don’t drive much.  I’ll be the first to admit, I am just not that good at it.  I get very nervous, I can’t see well at night, etc.  Consequently, I tend to stay relatively close to home unless I am with Tigerfan.  In fact in close to fourteen years of travelling to Louisiana to visit his family (a six hour trip) I think I have managed to clock in about two hours combined driving time.  This, of course, could probably be linked to his control issues, but that topic is for another day.

I think I have made a two or three hour trip without him once or twice, but usually if we go–he drives.  So, it is a little surprising that I made the little trek to Atlanta without him.  My MIL joined me after I got down on my knees and begged for her companionship (kidding!) and we struck out on one of the rainiest days of the year.  It POURED down.  Especially every time we got into a big city with lots of traffic.  On top of the downpour, Tigerfan, ever the helpful one was keeping a close eye on the weather.  It seems that all over the southeast on Friday there were thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  We made great time at first stopping for lunch and to feed the baby and then the real fun began.  By the time we got to Chatanooga, just 2 hours from Atlanta, my knuckles were white from grasping the steering wheel.  And then, Tigerfan began calling.  He told us to wait…a storm was coming, just sit awhile.  So, we sat while he and a co-worker pulled up fifty seven hundred weather sites on the computer so the could give us educated information on the trip before us.  Go, and stop in the next town.  Pull over–no, the storm is ahead of you.  go to calhoun and stop.  They even suggested we go to the outlet mall and shop for an hour or so to let the storm pass.  Because everyone knows how enjoyable it is to shop with no stroller (buried beneath luggage) in a torrential downpour with four children who are going to see good friends they haven’t played with in years.  I kindly suggested this might not be the best course of action.  Finally, after having us pull off the road once or twice or about a hundred times, they decided we should just press on.  It is a good thing because my MIL and I had already decided to stop answering the phone.  We eventually made it to our desired location.  We managed to make a 6 1/2 hour trip in a mere 10 hours!

However, despite a very long day–it was worth it.  The boys were ecstatic to see their buddies, I was pretty excited to see my old friend and I left with the confidence that I could do it!  Noah doesn’t have anything on me!  🙂



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    Sounds like it was really fun! I’m with you, I’d have a paid driver if I could.

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