American Idol: The Early Days

On day two of our road trip we went to visit my brother.  He was actually a Japanese exchange student that became a part of our family.  We used to have soooo much fun with him–especially making him say things like Rumpelstiltskin and then laughing our heads off when he confused r’s and l’s.

We had such a fun time reminiscing.  And then, he brought out the tape player.  My sisters and I spent countless hours of our childhood recording ourselves on tapes.  We made up commercials, sang, etc.  It really didn’t matter what we did–the fun was getting it on tape.  Well, my brother has kept one of those tapes all these years.  I think he kept it for blackmail material.  My kids couldn’t wait to hear what we had recorded and oh were they in for a treat.

The tape began with me as the announcer introducing my little sister.  She was going to sing but apparantly had a moment of shyness.  I had to poke and prod her to do it in a very unkind sisterly way.  Finally she had a moment of confidence and sang a rousing rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.  She knew every word of the whole song!  She even sang pretty good–I must tell you that lo, these many years later, I was impressed!  Then it was my turn–I was not so shy, I eagerly grabbed the mike.  By this time, my brother was in the room so I dedicated the song to him and then belted out “What Now My Love”  by Miss Piggy.  No, that was not a typo, you read it correctly–Miss Piggy.  I think it is telling that my baby sister sang Cyndi Lauper and I sang Miss Piggy–I think we can determine who was with the times and who was, well, perhaps a little nerdy-this is not one of my prouder moments!  Anyway, the tape ended as any good home recording should as our “show” turned into a huge argument over who was hogging the mic and whose lines were more stupid.  I then had to have my brother turn off the tape and explain that just because I said words like stupid when I was a child and it was caught for all eternity on tape, it did not mean my children could use those words!

It was so much fun to reminisce for a little while, and guess what we have out at our house now?  Well, let’s just say, I will soon have a little blackmail material of my own!


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    My sister and I used to do that too. What I wouldn’t do to find one of those tapes.

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