I am so excited as I write this post because tomorrow we leave to pick up Football boy after a week apart.  I didn’t know how we could get through a whole week without talking to him, but here we are at the end of it!  How time flies!  I was actually relieved that he wasn’t here last night as storms covered the mid-south.  He is soooo scared of them and would have been miserable, instead he was living it up in style–isn’t God good!

When we first got to our friend’s to drop him off, the boy he was going with immediately took him to his room to show FB the candy stash he had been saving for the boat!  He was so excited and the boys spent the next couple of days counting it, seperating it, etc.  The night before they left, his mother suggested he put it in his backpack, but no–he wanted to carry it.  Guess what?  He forgot the WHOLE bag!  I felt so bad for him, but really, it was kind of funny, he was just stunned when he realized all the candy was at home on his bed!  He quickly perked up, however, proclaiming that it was okay, his grandpa would probably get them more on the first stop.

This was just after his mother realized that on Sunday morning, he had unpacked his bag and worn one of the pairs of dress pants he had packed to church and got them filthy!  It seems that he HATES to wear shorts (which is unfortunate when you will be on a cruise for a week).  I had packed FB’s only two pairs of khaki pants for the trip and so Sunday morning all he had for church was a pair of khaki shorts.  D felt extremely sorry for him that he was suffering so much to wear shorts to church and offered to let him wear one of his pairs of khakis–after all, he has seven pairs!  As it turned out, D’s pants were to big and FB ended up wearing a pair belonging to D’s 8 year old brother (they make ’em tall in that family).  However, in all the rummaging around, D decided none of the other 5 pairs he owned would fit so he got a pair from his suitcase!  His poor momma, I thought she was going to die!

Anyway, we got the boys sent off and headed back home in much better weather!  I was sooo surprised a few hours later when my cell phone rang and it was FB calling from the boat!  They were taking off (or whatever it is when a ship leaves) in fifteen minutes, but D’s grandfather had graciously allowed him to call us before leaving.  I am telling you, that man got a big ol’ jewel for his crown with that one single act!  I asked how things were going.  And, oh, he was beside himself.  They had already eaten!  Plenty?  He informed me that they  had cut a full size pizza into fourths and gave him a whole piece!  He had eaten one other thing and two ice cream cones, and the ship had not even left yet.  His comment, “You know how they say it is all you can eat?  They mean it is ALL you can eat!”  He also bragged that they had given him his very own room key and map–I wonder if he would have been as excited if they had told him he could make his own bed or scrub his own toilet?  Lastly, he asked me if I knew that pointy part of the boat.  That is where he was standing to talk to me!  He was so excited and suddenly every ounce of questioning whether or not we had done the right thing by letting him go melted away.  How could I have possibly denied him this opportunity, one he will never have again and memories that will never fade away!  I have missed my little FB like crazy and cannot wait to hug his little neck tomorrow, but it was worth driving in pouring down rain, getting lost, even the gazzilion dollars we spent in gas to get him there to hear  the smile in his voice as he announced that he better go because the ship was getting ready to sail. 

Now, if only Tigerfan would take me on a cruise–I am pretty sure someone would hear a smile in my voice, too!


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