What Women Want

I love my children.  I LOVE my children.  I REALLY DO love my children.  HOWEVER, I am soooooo tired of children right now!  Please do not get me wrong.  There are many people with worse situations than mine.  My precious grandmother raised five children and she is still nice!  I have dear friends with eight children and regularly read blogs of people with four and more so I realize I am just being a big baby right now, but oh, how I long for peace. 

I long for one night with at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

I long to wake up in the morning and get all the way through my quiet time before the pitter patter of little feet or the cries of a hungry baby interrupt. 

I want to get all the way through a shower in the morning without hearing the words, “Mommy, watch this!” 

I want to get myself fully dressed without buttoning three things that don’t belong to me. 

I want to leave the house without realizing that I brushed four heads of hair, but none of them were mine! 

I want to get in the car and leave without making three extra trips into the house or begging someone to get in the car because we are going to be late.

I want to eat a meal in public without  making three restroom stops AND having at least one complete conversation–with an adult–without having to stop and say, “sit down” “leave him/her alone” or “please do not put that in your mouth!”

I want to go into a store and look at pretty things without any eyes rolling, any begging to wait in the car or any detours to look at the gaudy pictures on aisle two.

I want to read my blogs without using the other ear to listen to the same story I heard five other times today.

I want to take a nap without having to button dress up clothes, hear the retelling of what Batman did to Spiderman when they encountered G.I. Joe, or having ANYONE come into my room to ask me if I am through taking a nap yet.

I want to spend a family night together where no one fights over who touches or lays on me more.

I want to say good night to my children in peace.

When I clean my house, I want everyone to notice and tell me what a good job I did and how proud they are of me!

Wow!  I think I just figured it out!  I want to be a man!

Oh!  I kid!  (sort of)


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  1. 1

    LOL! Oh I love love love your conclusion! It’s so true of even the best of daddies. 🙂 Even of my nearly perfect DH!

  2. 2

    Happy Mommy said,

    You need a day away! And a large cup of coffee! And a day off, away!

  3. 3

    tquack said,

    You said it sister, I only have 3 and long for the same things! I also want to be able to get dressed IN MY OWN room without one the kids coming in seeing me naked and proclaiming……”I did not need to see that!” I ask you is it my fault that they just walk in while I am getting ready….am I the only person who gets naked as part of the gettting redressed routine? And am I wrong to think that MY room is the best place for privacy during said activity? Now I will say it with you I LOVE MY CHILDREN, I LOVE MY CHILDREN, I REALLY REALLY DO LOVE MY CHILDREN!!

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