Coffee Break

I don’t drink coffee.

I wish I did.  I have always wanted to drink it.  I love how it smells as it is brewing.  I love how it steams out of a cup.  I love how warm and cozy it looks as someone grasps their mug in the morning.  Unfortunately, I just cannot get past how it tastes.  It is bitter!

I have tried.  As a junior high school student, my best friend and I wanted to become coffee drinkers.  So we would challenge each other.  We had heard it was an acquired taste so one would spend the night with the other and we would make a promise that we would not go to sleep until we had each drank say seven cups of coffee.  You do realize the total irony in that, right.  No junior high schooler will sleep after drinking seven cups of coffee, ever, but I digress.

My best friend from Jr. High now drinks coffee.  I do not.  I drink Hot Chocolate.  It doesn’t smell good in the morning.  I don’t get to snuggle up with it and relax each morning.   It is just a special, winter treat.  Not like coffee, not a daily friend to get you going in the morning or to warm you up at your son’s ball game when are about to freeze you hiney off. 

Which brings me to this post.  Because never have I wanted a cup of coffee more than tonight.  When we left the house this afternoon for dance it was a pleasant, comfortable 65 degrees.  Then it rained.  Just a few short minutes and the temperature dropped 10 degrees.  We did not  have time to go home, so we planned to just sit in the car for the game but Nana came through and brought blankets and jackets.

The game was great.  The players were awesome!  The fans were freezing!!!!  If only I drank coffee, for a few cents I could warm my insides—but, I don’t.  We are home now and thawed out.  The kids are snuggled down in their beds and the house is warm.  There is, however, a freeze warning out for the night.  In a few minutes, Tigerfan and I will go out and bring in the ferns and the hibiscus and then we will need to warm up—I hope we have Hot chocolate!


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  1. 1

    I totally agree. I am not a coffee drinker. I can stomach some specialty coffees, but only if I’m cold or thirsty. Now, hot chocolate? Completely different story!

  2. 2

    Aimee said,

    Now I LOVE me some coffee, but it is an acquired taste. I never really got into it until college, and now I am in its clutches forever

    I used to think it was too bitter, as well, but if it is brewed properly and you add three Splendas and a healthy dash of fat-free half and half, you have the makings of a pretty delicious morning pick-me-up 🙂

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