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From the Mouths of Babes

At the ballpark tonight I had taken Dancer and two of her friends to the restroom.  One of her friends looked at me and said, “Are you going to have ANOTHER baby?”

I chuckled and replied that no I wasn’t.

Her response:  “Well, you sure do have a big tummy!”

I think I am going to have to dump the treadmill and hook up with Jenny Craig!


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Should I be Concerned?

Dancer had a friend over to play tonight.  They had a little “beauty studio” fixed up and were taking turns styling one another’s hair and doing makeup.

After working on one another for awhile, they asked if I would join them.  Always willing to have someone play with my hair, I jumped at the opportunity.  I entered the room and sat down in the chair to begin my beauty treatment.  The girls had quite a lengthy discussion over who would fix my hair and who would “do my lips”.

Upon settling those important details Dancer began.  She explained that she wanted to give me something pretty to look at while I was being worked on.  I was then handed a little Precious Moments snow globe from her dresser.  It features a little Precious Moments girl holding a watering can bent over her garden.  The “snow” is little pink and yellow flower confetti.

Dancer than explained very matter of factly.  “This is my little girl.  She is old enough that she died.  I put her in here so I could still see her.” 

Combined with her passion for reading library books like, “So You Know Someone Who Died”, I am beginning to think she has a future in grief counseling, or perhaps as a mortician…the other alternatives just frighten me!


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**Updated!  I just went back to the Berry Sweet Picks site and their is ANOTHER contest for a really cute diaper bag.  The deadline for that one is Friday so, hurry on over!!!


No, it is not mine!  And although I really hate to spread the word too much and decrease my chance of winning, I feel it is only fair to share the news.  Soooo, if you are interested in winning a blog makeover, go to this link.  This designer is the one who designed the We are THAT Family blog.  I have been looking at her and meaning to contact her about helping me.  She has done some really great looking stuff!  So, go check out the contest and if you don’t need a new blog look…put in a good word for me!  🙂

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Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Would you believe that I have just been “reunited” with my best friend from highschool through!  How crazy is that.  She married the summer after my first year of college and I went to college 2,000 miles away so our paths drifted apart.  I do not think we have talked since the summer she married.  Over the years I have occasionally tried to find her.  I have even googled her and her husband but never had any luck!

Well, the other day when I checked the email there was a notice from Classmates that I had a message.  I have had one or two of these before and they were nothing, but I trudged ahead and sure enough, “K” had, in her words, “coughed up the $15” and sent me a message!  How exciting!  It has been fun getting to know her again and catching up on the last several years.

Aren’t computers great.  I read an article a while back on the increased number of unhappy or depressed women and the author commented that we were created as social creatures.  In the “old days” the women canned together, had quilting frolics, etc. and formed deep friendships through those experiences but today, we tend to be more isolated.  Anyway, after reuniting with “K” I have been thinking about that and how even though I cannot get out and have a quilting frolic (although, due to my deep love of all things Amish I would like to give it the old college try), the computer has become that outlet for me and, I think, for many others.  So to my faithful few who regulary join me here, I would like to say thanks!  You are like my little quilting buddies–only without the pain of jabbing a needle through my fingers!

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Weekend Away

Tigerfan and I started a lovely tradition a few years ago.  Each year, on the weekend closest to our anniversary, we go on a one or two night no children trip.  Because it is close, it has always been to Nashville.  Twice the no children trip has included children do to the fact that they were infants.  My precious in-laws are always gracious enough to keep the children with them and we get a much needed break.  We have discovered in our little getaways, however, that our anniversary ALWAYS falls on the same weekend as FanFare (I think now it is called the CMA festival) and it is impossible to find Hotels, etc. in the area.  SO, we went early this year and took advantage of a break in the baseball schedule because of Memorial Day weekend to head out.  It was great!  Baby went with us and the other three got spoiled rottengot to stay with Nana and Papaw.  In two and a half days, they managed to rent 4 movies, the boys went to see Prince Caspian while the girls shopped, they went to Burger King, Mrs. Winners, and their favorite Catfish restaurant, ate Nana out of ice cream, went to the park and got to play with somebody’s pet ferrets…how can we compete with that?

Tigerfan and I had a great time doing what we enjoy most in Nashville…shopping.  Can you believe I was lucky enough to marry a man who actually likes to shop.  We went to Opry Mills Mall three times…in three days!  We also went to the Country Music Hall of Fame which is interesting because we go to Nashville at least a couple times a year and even lived there the first year we were married, but we had never been.  It was quite interesting!

Usually we do a great job at finding bargains…not so much this time.  BUT, although the quantity of bargains was low, the two bargains we got were indeed impressive.  We are now in the throws of a disagreement about who got the better bargain.  Tigerfan pre-purchased the New Third Day CD that will be released in July.  He paid $7.99 for the CD, got a free T-shirt, and a $5.oo gift card to Lifeway…Now, I acknowledge-he got a deal but just listen to this:  I got a cookbook that retailed for $17.00 (Incidentally, it has ties to the Amish but that is not even why it was a good bargain, it is just a little plus!) for 90% off.  I paid $1.70!!!!  Now, I ask you, who got the better bargain?

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A Little Rant

I HATE the treadmill!!!

I hate that I NEED the treadmill!!!

I hate that the ONLY time I can find to successfully walk on the treadmill is at 5:30 in the morning…there shouldn’t even be a 5:30 in the morning!!!

I hate that walking on the treadmill rather faithful for two weeks does not insure that you lose 20 pounds in that same two weeks…in fact, after walking rather faithfully for two weeks, I have GAINED 5 pounds!!!

Yea, yea, yea, muscle weighs more than fat…my “muffin top” says differently!!!

Thank you for listening to my rant.

I am going to find some chocolate!   🙂

Today’s heart verse (I feel I need to revisit this one due to the whole treadmill at 5:30 thing):

“My dear brothers, everyone (including me) should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry for man’s anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.”  James 1:19-20

Note to self:  in response to above verse–apologize to F.B. for telling him how annoying he was yesterday and work on the whole slow to speak thing!



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On the Lighter Side

I am on a quest to see the lighter side of things.  I used to be very good at that, but lack of sleep, fighting children, overcommitment, something has taken my ability to do that.  This weekend I really made an effort to “chill out”.  So, here are a few of the lighter moments from the last couple of days.

We got ready for church yesterday morning and were loading up in the car.  Things were a little rushed because Tigerfan had had Deacon’s meeting so I had been on my own at the homefront.  Dancer, however, was looking mighty cute (in one of the outfits I made for her–hear that, I am tooting my own horn!!!) and was crawling into her seat when her Daddy asked her what shoes she was wearing (he had come home to pick us up).  She replied her pink ones referring to a lovely, sparkly, glittery pair of flip flops her Nana had given her.  A moment later, I heard Tigerfan and her giggling…when I looked back to see what was going on, I discovered she had on two different shoes.  One of the lovely pink and one from an identical pair except they are purple!

After Tigerfan had run in and swapped shoes, we headed out.  Now, I have often mentioned Tigerfan’s OCD tendencies.  When we first married, he washed and vacuumed the car every week.  I then had a list of rules such as I couldn’t unroll the windows (they would streak) and he would call me with roads not to drive down because they had puddles, etc.  Almost 13 years and four kids later, the washings are a little more sparse.  However, he still loves a shiny car.  So, Saturday evening he went to an automatic car wash (the kind you do yourself) and shined up our family vehicle so it would look good for church.  As we drove out, he lamented that he had not got the windows very clean.  When we got home, he got an old towel and worked quite hard at improving on the job, making sure the windows were nice and clean and the car dried up and streak free.  He checked the weather to make sure no rain was fore-casted and off we went Sunday morning in our shiny wheels!  Until we got approximately 1 mile from our house.  And an entire flock of birds overhead all decided at the same time to, well, relieve themselves.  All over Tigerfan’s clean windshield.  I am telling you, I have never seen anything like that.  It was like driving through a rainstorm of bird droppings!  In just a few seconds, we drove out of the onslaught but the horrible damage was done.  I apologized to Tigerfan and then burst out laughing.

Finally, this evening after putting the kids to bed, I noticed B.B. coughing horribly.  Afraid he wouldn’t sleep well, I went upstairs to give him some cough medicine.  He was totally out but I pressed on, trying to rouse him up to drink the liquid.  At first, I couldn’t even phase him but finally he opened his little eyes and looked straight at me.  I explained he was coughing and I had some medicine for him to take.  He opened his mouth as wide as could be.  I put the medicine doser to his lips.  His mouth remained opened.  “Bubba, I need you to drink this!”  His mouth closed.  I tipped up the dispenser.  The medicine ran into his mouth, back out and down his chin.  All while he stared at me wide eyed.  I finally managed to get him to drink the rest of the dose and told him he could lay back down.  Which he did.  Right after using his bed sheet to wipe his mouth!

Sometimes, you just have to laugh!  Truly, though, I have been struggling lately with feeling like I never accomplish anything and never minister to anyone.  Tigerfan put this song on my playlist on the Ipod.  He never told me, I just found it this morning and it was so encouraging!  Wish I would have found it last week–would have made a great Mother’s Day Post but it is great no matter when.  Hope it encourages someone else!

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