The Adventures of Larry, the Leaf Eating Squirrel

If you have read this blog long, you will know that we do not have the best of luck with animals around here.  From going on a two week vacation and forgetting to get someone to feed George, the fish to a psychotic lab to the very sad demise of ducks, we have just decided we were not meant to have pets.  Interestingly, we have no problem with wildlife.  The snapping turtles, for instance, that were responsible for an early death to one of our little ducklings is not only thriving in our pond, this year he seems to have acquired many, many friends.  We have noticed a rabbit hopping along our property with great frequency lately and I feel certain that in a week or two when we finally open the pool, we will begin seeing a great assortment of frogs, snakes and who knows what else may come visiting (we have found a baby skunk, a mole, and even a mouse in the pool in previous years).  I say all that to say it should come as no surprise that we have a new, yet wild, friend.  I have fondly named him Larry.  Larry is a squirrel.  He is cute and fluffy and, well, very squirrel-like.

For some reason, Larry has taken a liking to our back porch. (Incidentally, the one that leads to the pool–look out, Larry).  I do not know if he is trying to bury food there or thinks he has already buried treasures among the brick…but he spends an inordinate amount of time sniffing and scratching at the mortar by our back door.  He is very brave.  You can bang on the door, rattle the knob, even talk through the door and he will just look at you and go back to scratching.  I kind of like Larry.  In fact, you could almost consider him….a pet.  That is not a good thing around here. 

Another area of inability around here is me keeping plants alive.  It is sad, really, considering my mom and both sets of grandparents are incredible gardeners.  I am just not gifted here.  You see, plants, they like to be watered.  More than say, once a month.  And there lies my problem.  I purchase them.  They are beautiful.  I water them once).  The next month, they are dead.  I think when I walk through the plant section of Lowe’s or Home Depot, the plants start praying…”Don’t choose me, please, DO NOT choose me!!!”   So, last summer we bought a Hibiscus to go on the deck around the pool.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  It was in just the perfect spot that I could see it out my kitchen window and so, I remembered to water it.  I babied that plant all summer and it lived.  Someone then told me how I could cut it back and put it in the garage for the winter and it would come back!  Wow, two whole seasons for a plant—impressive!  So, I did as I was told and it seems that only watering a plant once a month while it is dormant is totally okay because as the weather warmed up, even in my garage, that plant started putting out little shoots!  I couldn’t have been prouder.

When we were sure that we would have no more freezes, Tigerfan pulled that Hibiscus back out into the sun.  I have been anxiously watching through my kitchen window to see it grow and blossom.  It has done very little.  For a while, it was like a little explosion of little, leafy starts and then nothing.

I asked my MIL and she said hers wasn’t doing much either, so I did not worry.  So, a couple of days ago, B.B. announced that the squirrel was on the back porch, we all went to watch him and must have startled him because he jumped off the porch, ran to the fence surrounding the pool and began running along it.  Right to my Hibiscus.  He then jumped off the fence and on to my plant!  We all laughed, wasn’t that cute, he is crawling up my plant!  But wait, what is he doing now?  NO! No!  HE IS EATING MY PLANT!  I screamed from in the house to leave my plant alone (strangely, that was not effective!)  I finally ran to the back door and opened it and the sound apparently scared him off.  So, I now have a “pet” squirrel who is eating my pet plant…neither thing has a great life expectancy around here so it is now just a contest to see which goes down first.  However, my bet is on Larry.  Between being an animal, living near the pool and an 11 year old itching to use his pellet gun, I’d say the odds are against him!


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    Aimee said,

    Too funny! We also have many “wild” friends and zero domesticated pals. I have enough people to keep alive, thank you very much 🙂

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