On the Lighter Side

I am on a quest to see the lighter side of things.  I used to be very good at that, but lack of sleep, fighting children, overcommitment, something has taken my ability to do that.  This weekend I really made an effort to “chill out”.  So, here are a few of the lighter moments from the last couple of days.

We got ready for church yesterday morning and were loading up in the car.  Things were a little rushed because Tigerfan had had Deacon’s meeting so I had been on my own at the homefront.  Dancer, however, was looking mighty cute (in one of the outfits I made for her–hear that, I am tooting my own horn!!!) and was crawling into her seat when her Daddy asked her what shoes she was wearing (he had come home to pick us up).  She replied her pink ones referring to a lovely, sparkly, glittery pair of flip flops her Nana had given her.  A moment later, I heard Tigerfan and her giggling…when I looked back to see what was going on, I discovered she had on two different shoes.  One of the lovely pink and one from an identical pair except they are purple!

After Tigerfan had run in and swapped shoes, we headed out.  Now, I have often mentioned Tigerfan’s OCD tendencies.  When we first married, he washed and vacuumed the car every week.  I then had a list of rules such as I couldn’t unroll the windows (they would streak) and he would call me with roads not to drive down because they had puddles, etc.  Almost 13 years and four kids later, the washings are a little more sparse.  However, he still loves a shiny car.  So, Saturday evening he went to an automatic car wash (the kind you do yourself) and shined up our family vehicle so it would look good for church.  As we drove out, he lamented that he had not got the windows very clean.  When we got home, he got an old towel and worked quite hard at improving on the job, making sure the windows were nice and clean and the car dried up and streak free.  He checked the weather to make sure no rain was fore-casted and off we went Sunday morning in our shiny wheels!  Until we got approximately 1 mile from our house.  And an entire flock of birds overhead all decided at the same time to, well, relieve themselves.  All over Tigerfan’s clean windshield.  I am telling you, I have never seen anything like that.  It was like driving through a rainstorm of bird droppings!  In just a few seconds, we drove out of the onslaught but the horrible damage was done.  I apologized to Tigerfan and then burst out laughing.

Finally, this evening after putting the kids to bed, I noticed B.B. coughing horribly.  Afraid he wouldn’t sleep well, I went upstairs to give him some cough medicine.  He was totally out but I pressed on, trying to rouse him up to drink the liquid.  At first, I couldn’t even phase him but finally he opened his little eyes and looked straight at me.  I explained he was coughing and I had some medicine for him to take.  He opened his mouth as wide as could be.  I put the medicine doser to his lips.  His mouth remained opened.  “Bubba, I need you to drink this!”  His mouth closed.  I tipped up the dispenser.  The medicine ran into his mouth, back out and down his chin.  All while he stared at me wide eyed.  I finally managed to get him to drink the rest of the dose and told him he could lay back down.  Which he did.  Right after using his bed sheet to wipe his mouth!

Sometimes, you just have to laugh!  Truly, though, I have been struggling lately with feeling like I never accomplish anything and never minister to anyone.  Tigerfan put this song on my playlist on the Ipod.  He never told me, I just found it this morning and it was so encouraging!  Wish I would have found it last week–would have made a great Mother’s Day Post but it is great no matter when.  Hope it encourages someone else!


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    That made me cry! Thanks for sharing…

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