Weekend Away

Tigerfan and I started a lovely tradition a few years ago.  Each year, on the weekend closest to our anniversary, we go on a one or two night no children trip.  Because it is close, it has always been to Nashville.  Twice the no children trip has included children do to the fact that they were infants.  My precious in-laws are always gracious enough to keep the children with them and we get a much needed break.  We have discovered in our little getaways, however, that our anniversary ALWAYS falls on the same weekend as FanFare (I think now it is called the CMA festival) and it is impossible to find Hotels, etc. in the area.  SO, we went early this year and took advantage of a break in the baseball schedule because of Memorial Day weekend to head out.  It was great!  Baby went with us and the other three got spoiled rottengot to stay with Nana and Papaw.  In two and a half days, they managed to rent 4 movies, the boys went to see Prince Caspian while the girls shopped, they went to Burger King, Mrs. Winners, and their favorite Catfish restaurant, ate Nana out of ice cream, went to the park and got to play with somebody’s pet ferrets…how can we compete with that?

Tigerfan and I had a great time doing what we enjoy most in Nashville…shopping.  Can you believe I was lucky enough to marry a man who actually likes to shop.  We went to Opry Mills Mall three times…in three days!  We also went to the Country Music Hall of Fame which is interesting because we go to Nashville at least a couple times a year and even lived there the first year we were married, but we had never been.  It was quite interesting!

Usually we do a great job at finding bargains…not so much this time.  BUT, although the quantity of bargains was low, the two bargains we got were indeed impressive.  We are now in the throws of a disagreement about who got the better bargain.  Tigerfan pre-purchased the New Third Day CD that will be released in July.  He paid $7.99 for the CD, got a free T-shirt, and a $5.oo gift card to Lifeway…Now, I acknowledge-he got a deal but just listen to this:  I got a cookbook that retailed for $17.00 (Incidentally, it has ties to the Amish but that is not even why it was a good bargain, it is just a little plus!) for 90% off.  I paid $1.70!!!!  Now, I ask you, who got the better bargain?


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    Aimee said,

    That’s a hard call, but I’m going with you because when you subtract his $5 gift card from the cd price, it’s like he paid 2.99. I’m not sure how to figure in the new t shirt, though.

    Ack, too much math before coffee 🙂

    Glad you had a nice time. Our anniversary is coming up and we’d love to do something like that. Not in the cards this year, but maybe next 🙂

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