Reunited and it Feels so Good!

Would you believe that I have just been “reunited” with my best friend from highschool through!  How crazy is that.  She married the summer after my first year of college and I went to college 2,000 miles away so our paths drifted apart.  I do not think we have talked since the summer she married.  Over the years I have occasionally tried to find her.  I have even googled her and her husband but never had any luck!

Well, the other day when I checked the email there was a notice from Classmates that I had a message.  I have had one or two of these before and they were nothing, but I trudged ahead and sure enough, “K” had, in her words, “coughed up the $15” and sent me a message!  How exciting!  It has been fun getting to know her again and catching up on the last several years.

Aren’t computers great.  I read an article a while back on the increased number of unhappy or depressed women and the author commented that we were created as social creatures.  In the “old days” the women canned together, had quilting frolics, etc. and formed deep friendships through those experiences but today, we tend to be more isolated.  Anyway, after reuniting with “K” I have been thinking about that and how even though I cannot get out and have a quilting frolic (although, due to my deep love of all things Amish I would like to give it the old college try), the computer has become that outlet for me and, I think, for many others.  So to my faithful few who regulary join me here, I would like to say thanks!  You are like my little quilting buddies–only without the pain of jabbing a needle through my fingers!


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    Dawn said,

    This is great, I to have a really good friend who lives in CO. and we have kept contact thru the years.

    And like yourself…I love having others to share with and be shared with all things life!

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