Take Me Out to the Ballgame

What a day!  We had our last ballgame today.  The stakes were high!  Last year our team’s record was an astounding 15-1.  Most of those games we lost by the run rule which means that we didn’t just lose…we lost BIG, pitifully, embarrassingly big!

Not to lose heart.  We had a young team and lots of other coaches said wait a year and we would be amazed.  We scoffed–a year couldn’t possibly make that much difference.

But, as they say, “What a difference a year makes”  Our boys were a new team!  With several of our old players and  a few new players, we started out with a bang and other than one loss, early in the season, won every game!  Many of our wins were by the run rule!  What a feeling.  We went into today’s game with only one loss–to the team we played today.

Any other team would have been okay, but this team has been a little ugly throughout the season.  I think sometimes the parents/coaches forget that the children are just 7 and 8–this isn’t the big leagues, people!

Anyway, long story short.  We got CREAMED!  It was a heartbreaking loss but our boys just kind of fell apart.  It was a little sad.  But I am so proud of our boys!  They had great attitudes, they cheered each other on, they were positive, they were friends.  When one boy had a rough time, the boys were kind and encouraging and when we lost a heartbreaking game, they still had smiles on their faces.  We didn’t win the “big game” but they played with integrity and heart and I could just wrap my arms around every one of them!  We had our team party tonight and the boys had a great time–no talk of losses or missed All Star opportunities.  But I do think I heard a lot of talk about Fall Ball…Here we go again!


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    Carolyn said,

    I’ve always heard, it’s not if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Sounds like these boys already learned that lesson early on in life! Kudos!

  2. 2

    Losing is so hard for kids! My son starts baseball in a few weeks and I know he’ll take it hard.

  3. 3

    Dawn ;0) said,

    Been there done that and I don’t plan to again…unless the next kid wants to take a swing?!

    The parents are worse than the games…and that was the only drawback for us.

    Other than that we play as a church group on outings and it’s all good!

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