A Little More About Me

Carolyn at Diva’s Diary began these questions to get to know her fellow bloggers better.  I needed some quick blogging help this weekend so I am jumping on board.  I also added one question at the end.  Feel free to copy and add to your blog–I would love to get to know ya’ll better!

Do you eat breakfast?
Yes, every day. I wake up STARVING!  I used to eat before anything, now I walk on the treadmill first and then eat before anyone else gets up.  It is like therapy!
How do you like your eggs?
In a cake!
Have you ever slammed your finger in a kitchen drawer?
Of course!  I have also tripped over my own feet, walked into a pole, slipped getting out of the shower and broken my toe.  The list is endless.                                                         Ever got a splinter in your foot?
Probably not because other than in the shower I am NEVER barefoot.  I hate bare feet and always have on either shoes or house shoes.  ALWAYS!  Yes, that is weird!                        Have your neighbors ever had a wedding in their back yard?
I have no earthly idea.  However, the neighbors across the street have a lovely yard that would be ideal for a wedding, so if anyone is looking for a location, I could probably hook you up!
Do you have plans for Father’s Day?
We will have Baby dedication at church and then go to lunch with Tigerfan’s parents.  I think we will possibly go see a movie with the kiddos tomorrow afternoon and maybe swim and almost certainly play hooky from night church because we are just rebels like that!  The day could also possibly include ice cream cones and picking up a grill that will be his father’s day present but he has to pick it out because you do NOT pick out a grill for an OCD person!
Do you ever sit and watch birds in your yard?
I Love to.  We have a bluebird that lives in our bluebird house and lots of cardinals, robins, etc. that hang out around the pool fence.  We go feed them bread crumbs occasionally and of course hang the obligatory peanut butter/pine cone ornaments a few times a year when the children make them at church or school.  They are indeed entertaining.
Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
When facing the bed, the left side.  My knight in shining armor sleeps on the side closest to the window.  In case, you know, someone tries to sneak in the second story window and clean my house or something because heaven knows there is nothing here to steal!            Do you exercise every day?
I personally feel that mothering 4 children is daily exercise.  However, it doesn’t seem to help take off the pounds so I have begun walking on the treadmill almost daily and trying to do arm and tummy exercises with Football boy.  Unfortunately the arms and tummy often do not get done.  I think I am destined to a life of flab!  Yuck!
Do you have exercise equipment at your house?
I have an evil, horrible treadmill that I HATE, however, it is my only option so we continue our dis-functional relationship.  I also have 2 five pound hand weights.   And I wonder why I do not have a movie star body.                                                                                    What’s your favorite fruit?
Fresh pineapple.  I also love grapes and strawberries and apples.  Not so much melons…I am not a melon person!
What book are you currently reading or the last book you read?
I am currently reading Youniquely Woman by Kay Arthur, Emilie Barnes, and Donna Otto and Help! I’m Laughing and I Can’t Get Up by Liz Curtis Higgs.  I just finished  2 books, one by Beverly Lewis and one by Wanda E. Brunstetter but I do not remember the names–they are about Amish people…enough said.  I have 2 more books awaiting me: The Stones Cry Out by Sibella Giorello and Three by Ted Dekker.  I also will finish the series by Wanda E. Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis soon.  Summer is my reading time so I do lots while the kids are swimming.  I must admit it is a little harder this year with an infant but he has to sleep sometime!                                                                                                                      Do you have trees in your yard?
Yes, I have lots of trees. We live on almost 3 acres surrounded by woods.  We have lots of evergreens, Crepe Myrtles, Black Walnut, Oak, a beautiful Weeping Willow that looks over our pond and many more that I cannot identify.  I love our lot!                                              What colors are in your kitchen?
I have a bright yellow kitchen with blue, red, and green accents.  It is very bright, very happy and very unfinished.  I need curtains and would love new cabinets and countertops but I can’t complain.
Do you have acrylic nails?
I have four young children.  I have broken nails.  I had acrylic nails in highschool.  They all got ripped off at freshman orientation at college.  I decided it was expensive, painful and unnatural.  Now I do not even have painted nails.  Except once last year when my MIL gave me a gift certificate for a manicure.  They were pretty for about three days

 **My addition:  What is your favorite product/idea you have come across because of blogging?           Thisjewelry from Smartmoms jewelry.  This is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that things”  it is brilliant.  Jewelry that is cute and safe for your baby to chew on which everyone knows he is going to.  I just got the black one in the mail the other day (birthday present) and it really is cute and baby loves it!    

I realize something is horribly wrong with the lining up of words on this post–I cannot seem to fix it.  Sorry!   😦                                        


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    Carolyn said,

    HOW NEAT YOU DID THIS ALREADY! TOO COOL! I loved reading yoru answers! Some of them were really clever! Yes, mothering children is quite the workout. Mine are all grown. That’s why I have to resort to other measures!
    It was good to get to know you better! Thanks for the shout out and for playing along!

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