Father’s Day

Whew!  What a day!  We began in a whirlwind trying to get ready and be to church early because we were participating in baby dedication.  Us being early, or even on time, anywhere is a major thing these days so it wasn’t easy.  And we weren’t too early!  Baby was sooooo cute!  He was so interested in everything on the stage, he just smiled and looked around–makes me want to go kiss on the little guy just thinking about it!

We had a great service and then went to lunch.  We did not have such great luck with that!  We were supposed to go to one of my FIL’s favorite Chinese Buffets.  There was a coupon in the paper yesterday for 15% off today.  But when Nana and Papaw got there, they had doubled their prices and would only give the 15% off to fathers.  That made them mad so they called us and told us to meet at another restaurant.  We went there and then waited almost 45 minutes after we sat down before we even got our drinks.  We were starting to get a little cranky, but once they figured out we were there things got better–how do you not notice 8 people 4 of whom are children?

Anyway, we rushed home, changed clothes and rushed back out to the movies.  We took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda and while it will probably not become a childhood classic it was cute and the kids came home with a few lines to repeat endlessly!

When we got home, Tigerfan played with the kids while I vacuumed the pool and then they swam (I stayed out with Baby).  They had so much fun.  The kids love it when Daddy swims with them-he is much more fun than I am!

We came in, bathed, ate a quick supper, put the kids to bed and Tigerfan and I just enjoyed a late night bowl of ice cream (I do not understand why I don’t seem to be losing any weight).  It was a great Father’s Day!  And hopefully the beginning of a great, calm week.

Oh!  one last story from VBS.  We had one little boy this week that was so cute.  HUGE brown eyes and the biggest smile you ever saw.  Every day he endeared himself to me a little more.  I have probably never used my name on this blog but it is Star.  Our theme this year was Island Outfitters so everything went with a beach type idea.  We assigned the 1st grade classrooms by themed ideas and our room was identified by a starfish.  This little boy called me Mrs. Starfish the whole week, I really think he thought that was my name!  Anyway, he got so excited about everything we did–especially music.  Each day on the way when he would ask where we were going and I told him he would clap his little hands, grin ear to ear and exclaim, “I love music!”  The last day, we had a guest speaker/magician at the final celebration.  He began his show by showing an empty tube.  He then set the tube up and began pulling “money” out of it.  “B” got so excited!  He started screaming, “He is doing MAGIC!  He is MAGIC!”  After pulling out the money, the magician started pulling out beads and they just kept coming.  By this point, “B” was absolutely beside himself with excitement!  “Oh!”  he said, “I just want to go hug him!”  His enthusiasm made the whole week worth it, that and the little boy from our class that made a profession of faith this week!!  It has been wild, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!


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    Carolyn said,

    What a fun day you had for Father’s Day. Sounds like everyone had a good time!
    I remember the days of having 5 little kids and trying to be early for church! That was a riot! As the girls got older and I got wiser, we would lay out our clothes on Saturday night and everyone got shower/baths too. Making sure the shoes were where we could find them helped as well!
    The VBS kid sounds so fun. I love those kids who are excited about life.
    And glad to finally learn your name! Don’t forget to send me an email address so I can send you your award next Monday! (just click on contact Diva on my page and send me an email!)
    Thanks for playing!

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