Cleanin’ and Flingin’

Today, I decided to do a little home organization.  My house has been driving me crazy…stuff everywhere!  Tigerfan keeps saying our house is too small and we need something bigger.  I love our house, I say we just need less stuff!

Anywhoo, I recruited the kiddos, got on the flylady website and looked at the week’s missions.  The zone for the week just  happens to be kid’s rooms so it was very timely.  We followed each of the suggestions and made it a game. 

First they went to their rooms with a garbage bag and just looked quickly for anything that needed to be thrown away.  Between the three of them (I didn’t make the baby clean up, I figure 5 months is a little young!) I think they found a bead and a piece of fuzz–so far things were very productive.  Then we did the “27 item boogie” They had to really look and search and find 27 items apiece that they could throw away–this could be school papers they no longer needed or broken toys, etc.  This was a little more difficult.  Especially for Dancer whom I was helping.  I kept finding tiny pieces of paper with one stenciled picture.  I would ask if we could throw that away to which she would give me an astonished look and proclaim her love for that piece of paper!

When that was accomplished I told the kids to find 3 toys they no longer played with that we could donate to boys or girls who didn’t have many toys.  Oh!  They were excited–they could do that!  In seconds Baseball boy was back showing me his stash.  The equivalent of three McDonald’s toys.  I explained that really wasn’t what I had in mind–I meant a little more substantial, something that took up space.  About that time, Football Boy came with his finds–three McDonald like toys.  Frustrated I explained that if they couldn’t purge some toys that I would wait for a day they were gone and I would do it like I used to.  I was trying to give them a choice but I know what they play with and if they can’t get rid of it on their own–I would do it.  Their reply?   “Cool!—Can we go to Nana’s?”


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  1. 1

    Aimee said,

    Sounds like my house — my kids would much rather I come in and purge when they’re not there. I have to admit that I do get much more done that way, but there’s not as much of a chance for a lesson. 🙂

  2. 2

    Carolyn said,

    This was cute. I so NEED to do this in my GROWN TEENAGE boys rooms! One day…one day…it’s coming soon! I can feel it in my bones!
    Thanks for the idea!

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