A Cooking Meme

I was tagged for a Meme by Happy Mommy. Which is a great way to get me going this week.

When was the most recent time you were burned?

I have no idea.  It  has actually been awhile.  Unless you count Saturday night when I burned myself with steam from my iron while ironing church clothes…but that probably doesn’t count in a cooking meme.  The time I remember most burning something was not long after Tigerfan and I were married.  I was baking some cookies and went to take them out of the oven.  I grabbed the pan and decided to switch hands…to the one with no oven mitt.  Brilliant I know.  Worse yet…Tigerfan didn’t really even like the cookies I made.

Can you cook?

Why yes, yes I can.  And, I enjoy it tremendously although I don’t seem to do much of it these days.

If yes name your specialties.

Let’s see, I make a pretty good pot of Chicken and Dumplings and a pretty good pork loin.  I make some to die for green beans wrapped in bacon from a recipe I got from my brother in law. MMMMMMM.  And desserts…oh my.  Chocolate Revel Bars, Mississippi Mud Cake, and Tigerfan likes my Apple pie.

Do you enjoy cooking?

I love it when I have time.  And when the kids are cooperating.  I have started getting them involved in the process and I LOVE cooking with them!

What color is your kitchen?

It is very bright yellow.  We have a big picture of flowers in all sorts of bright colors so it is accented in red, orange, green blue.  It is very bright, happy, and unfinished.  I desperately need curtains but can never decide what would look good so almost five years after moving in and four years after painting all I have are bamboo shades.  Someday, it will be beautiful, though.

Do you bake?

Baking is my very favorite!  It reminds me of grandma.  And oh the deliciousness of what you can eat when you are through!  Unfortunately I am probably going to have to curtail some of my baking because I have decided to really get serious about losing weight and since I seem to be the one to eat the vast majority of the baked goods, I probably am going to have to stop!  Sigh!

What do you like to bake?

Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Pie…I am not choosy.  Before we had more kids than hands I used to bake all our bread (without a bread machine mind you).  I adore the smell of freshly baked bread.  Did I mention I am dieting…Wow, this is making me hungry!

What color is your apron?

I have several but my favorite was made by my grandma and is green and yellow and has the obligatory tag on the back that says…Made with love by Grandma!

Okay…Feel free to play along.  If you do, leave me a comment and let me know so I can go check it out!

On a somewhat related note…meaning it has to do with food.  I am trying very hard to lose this weight and get healthy.  I have committed to telling someone about my progress and keeping a food journal to try to keep me on track.  You, my sweet blogging friends are  who I am telling…Tigerfan is a bad influence (I love you, sweetie!) so  feel free to ask me how it is going, send me your good, healthy recipes and I am going to start a page where I keep my journal online…hopefully that will keep me from cheating!  Thanks for your help!


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  1. 1

    Can you come out & play? I played along & completed Happy Mommy’s meme tag too. Come on over & see.


  2. 2

    Carolyn said,

    This was a cool post! I LOVE chicken and dumplings! Not many of the men in my house like it though, so I don’t make it very often!
    It’s sad to give up baking huh! My men in my house don’t appreciate it either, so I don’t make as much as I once did!
    How is the weigh loss going? Healthy recipes…I don’t have any of the top of my head! They’re all in cookbooks stached in my cabinet!

  3. 3

    Linda said,

    oh i’ve seen this meme going ’round and i cringe at it! my answers would be oh so embarassing! me and cooking…it’s a “have to” kind of relationship!

    best of luck on the goals you’re setting. YOU GO GIRL!

  4. 4

    Happy Mommy said,

    I like this meme thanks for playing!

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