Things I have learned in the Past Week

1.  Reading a post by BooMama about Home Improvement may spur you on to do things you should have done years ago even though you know you cannot participate in her carnival because you are too technologically incompetent to post before and after pictures.

2.  A wonderful place to start on these projects is cleaning and organizing the kids’ bedrooms because of the instant gratification of throwing away three garbage bags full of unwanted drawings stashed in every nook and cranny of said rooms.

3.  If you really want to inspire the children to help with the project, invite a friend over and then tell the child he cannot play with the friend until room is cleaned and organized.

4. If you want the room to stay organized, you must spend the next week going into the bedroom at all cleaning sessions and acting as the cleaning gestapo with phrases such as:  “If it is left on the floor, it is garbage,” “Is that where that toy belongs?” or my personal favorite, “Can this pass a daddy inspection?”

5.  When tackling these little projects and suggesting on Saturday that you clean the garage that has not been cleaned since you bought the house 5 years ago because hubby wanted to wait until it was painted, be aware that after doing what you can on Saturday but not being able to finish because of the whole painting thing, that on Monday morning while you are in the shower, you may get a call from the painter hubby has hired to say he is on his way…immediately!

6.  Since this is obviously a week of improvements, you might as well get serious about your health and put yourself on a diet/exercise program and stick to it.  However, if the plan calls for starving yourself for two days, you should probably not spend dinner at the local catfish dive because you will end up going 200 calories over your limit and blowing things right off the bat!

7.  This has nothing to do with home improvement, but just because your boy is 11 years old and SHOULD know better.  Do not assume that when you let him go play outside with his friend that he will not do something crazy like decide to use nature to “relieve himself” despite the fact that our next door neighbors are having a garage sale and the fact that we live on a lot surrounded by woods full of creatures.  AND when boy does begin his job, it is entirely possible that a snake will come out of hiding to see what all the commotion is and scare the tee-tee out of boy (literally)!

Finally, I would like to end with a little story.  This has nothing to do with things I learned this week…but it is funny.  After spending two days organizing bedrooms, my kids were ready to play.  We had a friend spend the night Thursday night and on his way in he told us it looked like our next door neighbors were going to have a garage sale and we should go check it out.  I explained that we had just spent three days organizing and cleaning out…I did not want to bring someone else’s junk into my house.  But the allure was too much for the boys.  Bright and early Friday morning, they asked if they could go look.  Now, the neighbors are really sweet people and they have a little girl about Football boy’s age.  She is very sweet BUT her momma works a lot and her sisters who are much older keep her.  I think she is very lonely and she is delayed in academic as well as social skills.  Every summer we have to be very careful.  She will walk in the house without knocking, will get food out of the cabinets, refrigerator, etc. invite herself to lunch and even ask can she go into town, etc. with us.  Last summer, her sisters came looking for her about 2:00 in the afternoon–they had not seen her since 9:00 that morning.  Terrified, we went on a search for her and after about an hour found her in another neighbor’s house.  Anyway, the kids try to be nice, but they do get annoyed with her so they were a little leary about going to her house but finally worked up the courage. 

She gave them a guided tour of the garage sale and even laid a few sales pitches on them.  Finally, they found a prize…a disco ball…and they just had to have it.  So they pooled together $3 and made their purchase.  It has definitely provided $3 worth of entertainment!

Well, Monday Morning, our little neighbor came over and the kids started playing hide and seek.  She went into the boys’ room and saw that disco ball on their dresser.  I promise you, this was her reaction:  “Wow! cool disco ball–where did you get it?”  I say, the kids sell it back at about $10 and make a little profit!  🙂


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    Carolyn said,

    OH this was HYSTERICAL! OH WORD! I love how you write! I am laughing my head off!

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