Really…..I am Coming Back!

Wow, I decide to start blogging a bit again and suddenly life gets crazy busy!  We have just returned from vacation.  We drove to Hurricane Utah and managed to log in a little over 4,000 miles on our little ole gas guzzler!  We, of course waited to plan this vacation until we had a vehicle with a 30 gallon tank and gas at $4.00 a gallon!  It was well worth it, though!

We had a great time!  My daddy saw the baby in person for the first time and spoiled him rotten as any good grandpa does.  My momma had not seen him since the day he came home from the hospital, so it was fun to see them get to know him.  He is definitely the most spirited of my kids…absolutely chalked full of personality and he didn’t disappoint.  I tell ya, I love the little guy…I couldn’t have asked for a better surprise!

My younger sister and her family joined us for a few days and we visited Zions National Park, Las Vegas, watched a local group perform High School Musical and played Truth or Dare with my mom (how fun is THAT!)  After they left, we made play dough and zucchini bread with zucchini from my Mom’s garden, went to a museum full of Dino tracks, ate like pigs, and added one day to our trip because we were having so much fun!  It was amazing! 

On the way out, we stayed one night in Holbrook, AR on the old route 66.  We stayed in a motel called the Wig Wam Motel and actually slept in little TeePee’s–How fun is that…We were some rockin’ parents that night.  We found out that the Disney animators had spent a week there when they were working on Cars and that the motel was kind of the inspiration for the Cozy cones in the movie.  We also ate at Joe and Aggies which was a hangout for the Imagineers (as we now know they are called) and Joe told us all about the time they spent there and showed us all kinds of pictures…it was great!

That was the good part of the trip.  The only really bad parts were day 1.  We got up at 5 A.M. and left at six to drive to Amarillo,TX–a 12 hour trip if you never stop!  We had booked a room using Hotwire (something we have done frequently).  We rolled in about 8:00 that night, checked in, and walked into the single most disgusting hotel room I have ever seen.  Dead bugs on the floor, walls and door black from fingerprints, water in the sink that would not stop running, the door that wouldn’t close unless you threw your whole body weight against it–Ugh!  We turned around, turned the keys back in and left!  We went to supper and began calling hotels to try to get a different room.  We could not find a single room anywhere in Amarillo…not one!  We finally ended up having to drive another hour and a half to Tucumcari, NM a place that will forever represent a little slice of Heaven on earth to me now.  Tigerfan called Hotwire and rantedshared with him our lovely night and managed to get the unthinkable–a refund from Hotwire!  So, it all worked out and we ended up with a shorter drive the next day, which was good since it was after 1:00 a.m. before the kiddos finally got in bed.

We also did not enjoy Las Vegas too much.  Basically we walked along the strip for HOURS in 100+ degree heat I have now done it, do not need to do it again, thank you very much!

We managed to squeeze a three day return trip into two and got in Sunday night.  I began unpacking, etc. Monday, had to take the baby in for his 6 month checkup (yes, he is seven months—sue me!) to find out he has a little cold and is now running fever :(.  AND, Tigerfan has decided that we need to leave for Louisiana on Thursday night for our niece and nephew’s birthday parties (a six hour drive).  So, this week I am unpacking, washing clothes, taking care of a sick baby, ordering curriculum because I realized on vacation that school starts in two weeks and I have NOTHING and repacking to go again.

So, I will type again someday, I was tagged for a meme a couple of weeks ago that I have half way completed and a head full of things to talk about and I would like to visit  a few blogs as well–hopefully soon.  I am so out of touch that I did not even know until yesterday that there is a give away carnival going on…I promised myself I would participate next time…not going to happen…maybe next, next time!


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  1. 1

    twithhoney said,

    Your family must be getting to know each other a little better from logging so many miles and hours in the car together.

  2. 2

    Sorry you had such a bad time in Amarillo! We really aren’t such a bad town once you get to know us. 😦 If I’d have known you were wandering around the city in search of a place to lay your weary heads, I’d have put you up!

  3. 3

    Aimee said,

    Glad to see you back! Sounds like a good long vacation to recharge the batteries 🙂

  4. 4

    Happy Mommy said,

    Finger prints on the door?!?!?! Nasty! I am glad you got your money back! Sounds like you all had a great time! You have to share your play dough recipe with us, I remember my grandma making it for me when I was little and I remember eating it, yuck, but I would love to make some. I just got the last of our curriculum. We are using Saxon phonics again this year for Luke (2nd grade) and Bo (Kindergarten) and Saxon math for both. I am using Alpha Omega for SS and Bible and we will be trying some Creation Science this year. What are you going to use? Enjoy your trip this coming weekend.

  5. 5

    Dawn said,

    Hey I’ve had those vaca, maybe if it happens again I could call your dh to get me a refund?! Nice!

    Be careful out on the road! See you or read you later ;0)

  6. 6

    Carolyn said,

    I love that you got to go on vacation! Sorry some of it wasn’t so nice.
    Glad to hear you a refund too! That was good!
    So glad to hear things re getting a little back to normal and that you were able to post one post for us to let us know you are still alive and kicking! Hang in there momma!

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