Boring and Strange Facts About Me

My friend, Carolyn tagged me for this meme.  About two weeks ago.  I am FINALLY getting to it.  I am supposed to tell some boring or quirky things about me.  So, here goes:

1.  Although, I am married to a man with OCD, I have not one iota of OCD in me.  Not ANY!  I am sure I drive HIM crazy because, if the bed is made neatly, I am happy–he wants it to bounce a quarter–military corners, people.  I just truly do not care that much.  Some people assume that I am a little OCD but it is all just compensation to make life a little more peaceful for Tigerfan.  If left to my own devices–who knows what my house would look like!

2.  I HATE to be barefoot!  Tigerfan says I would shower in shoes if I could (of course, he also says I would shower in clothes if I could but that is another post altogether!).  I have been like this forever.  My momma could easily contain me outside by putting me on a blanket and removing my shoes because I hated the feel of grass on my feet.  Nothing has changed.  I ALWAYS have on shoes or houseshoes and always sleep in socks.  ALWAYS!

3.  I homeschool, teach 3rd grade Sunday School, teach 5th grade at Tutorial and used to teach at our Wednesday night children’s activities.  However, I discovered that I could not be nice to children on Wed. nights so I did the unthinkable and quit to join a women’s Bible Study.  It is the best decision I ever made.  It is my sanctuary, my calm in the middle of a week.  I love our leader, love the ladies from all different walks of life, love all the different studies we have done BUT I get in there and CANNOT talk or discuss things I have studied during the week because I am to dadgum shy and the thought of speaking up, even in that group makes my heart beat wildly, my palms sweat, etc.  I need help!   🙂

4.  I hate change.  We moved into our house 5 years ago, set up the furniture, and it is still there.  I order the same food at each different place we eat.  I cook the same meals despite the fact that I am obsessed with watching Food TV.

5.  I iron religiously every Monday and Wednesday night.  I am not sure why.  Refer to item number 1.  I actually kind of enjoy ironing because the kids are in bed, Tigerfan is doing his thing, the house is quiet and I can turn on the T.V. and watch anything I want.  I pick strange shows.  I love Project runway and Top Chef, but if they are not on, I love Food TV, Tru TV( used to be Court TV), HGTV, etc.  I am really such a boring person

So, there ya have it.  5 pretty boring facts about me.  I can think of boring much easier than quirky!!!  So, how about you.  If you decide to join in, leave me a comment so I can come check it out!


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  1. 1

    Carolyn said,

    WOW, I had no idea! LOL
    You write about yourself so well and even though you think these things are boring they are quite entertaining!
    WOW, ironing, I gave that up YEARS ago! Wrinkle free is a wonderful invention! Kudos to you for wanting to do it!
    Glad you are doing something for yourself with the Bible class. I am sure you are getting lots from it even though you feel like you can’t share your thoughts!
    The TV shows! Love them too! I used to watch the Food Network ALL the time but I don’t have time anymore. I did try several of the recipes I watched and LOVED them. I just don’t have a whole lot of time to cook and there isn’t a whole lot of people to cook for around here any more. SO I don’t unless it’s the weekends and everyone is coming over-like this Sunday!
    The bed…hmmm, don’t know what to tell ya about that. I have OCD but it doesn’t manifest itself in my bedroom! LOL In my kitchen and bathrooms YES!
    Thanks so much for doing this! I enjoyed reading it!

  2. 2

    Happy Mommy said,

    I love to go bare footed, I hate shoes! I move my furniture about every 4 months, we have lived in our house for 4 years and have had the furniture no less that 12 different ways.
    I think this was a fun post!
    Oh and HGTV is my favorite channel! I love homeschooling too!

  3. 3

    Dawn said,

    HEY your not going anywhere are you?! Cuz you just got back!

    I did see the movie..and well frankly wasn’t overly impressed.

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