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Why You Should Always check the Number First

This evening as we were shifting kids around from practice to practice, etc.  I ended up at my MIL’s house to get a child.  While there, she got a call from Tigerfan saying he was on his way over to get Papaw to take the stitches out of his backside because his squeamish wife refuses to do it.  I heard the conversation take place and Nana hung up.

Almost immediately, my phone rang.  I picked it up and said, “he’s calling me to tell me now.”  I then proceeded to answer the phone in the following manner:  “let me guess, you are going to your mom’s so your dad can take the stitches out of your booty.”

“What?” came the reply.  So I repeated myself.  Then the voice of one of my good friends began asking what in the world I was talking about.

The moral of this story: always check to see who is calling before opening your big mouth.  The upside is, at least it wasn’t a student, or my preacher, or a total stranger who just happened to call the wrong number!


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And yet Another Blog!!!

Baseball boy felt the need to jump on the bloggy bandwagon.  Not to be left out, he had to start a blog himself.  Check him out here.  Enjoy these blogs.  The children have lost every privilege ever had today, including computer privileges not to be earned back until they learn to obey.  The FIRST time!  But that is another blog entirely and I am trying my hardest to be sweet!  Have a great day!

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Women’s Weekend

I am not one to go off by myself.  In fact, I NEVER do.  NEVER.  BUT, last weekend, on very short notice, I got the opportunity to go to Middle TN to hear Priscilla Shirer.  PRISCILLA SHIRER, people.  If you do not know who she is, she is the daughter of evangelist Tony Evans, who is himself, amazing!  Anyway, I have done two of her Bible Studies and absolutely love her.  She is right up there with Beth Moore.  In fact, don’t tell anyone, but I might even like her a little bit better…and I LOVE me some Beth Moore!

Anywhoo, to make a long story longer, I searched and searched for someone to go with me but could not find anyone who could.  I had about decided not to go, but Tigerfan talked me into it and I decided to do something totally out of character and go with a bunch of women I had never met.  In fact, the lady who offered me the chance was someone I had only met once about two weeks before.  I decided the opportunity was just too good and I would be a big girl.  As it turned out, about three days before we were set to go, one of my friends worked things out and was able to go with me.  So, I did go out on a limb and made myself willing, but my Precious Heavenly Father chose to bless me by sending me a little lifeline!  Praise Him!

I went nuts trying to get things in order before leaving.  Poor Tigerfan even had to leave work early to take us to the meeting place and then keep the kids all afternoon.  He was so gracious (he really is a good egg!).  We had a fun little trip on the church van and ate an early lunch before the evening session.

And then…we worshipped.  Girls, I am telling you, we worshipped!  The singing was amazing, the message was amazing.  She talked (Friday night) about the children of Israel leaving Egypt and how we are freed by Christ when we receive him but that so many times we remain in captivity on our own.  Just like the Israelites begged to be returned to Egypt rather than wandering in the wilderness–often we go back to what is comfortable even though it keeps us captive!  That is so me!  She also talked about how important it was to expect to hear from God and we spent time just praying silently getting prepared to hear from Him.  It was really amazing!

Afterward 23 of us went to Shoney’s for a little treat.  My friend and I had decided just to visit and withstand the temptation of sugar at 10:00 at night, however, the waitress accidentally brought out four too many hot fudge cakes and we felt it our duty to help her out and eat one.  But we shared.  And we did not eat it all.  Really!  We had another surprise when we returned to the room to find our roommates had checked out.  It seems they did not want to share a room.  So, we even got our own beds to sleep in  aaaaaaagh!

We got up bright and early on Saturday for the second session.  More great music and then teaching on how to have a more meaningful Bible study time.  She gave a great plan for studying on your own without a “published” aid and let us practice with a few verses.  What an amazing thing–this has been something I have always struggled with.  I do great as long as I am doing a structured Study but when I am in between books, I flounder.  I have been using this method for a few days and while  I am still getting used to it, I can see where it can be really great and life changing.  After a short break (outside where we could thaw out because surely that church was only about 30 degrees), we met back for the final session where she talked about the Children of Israel finally making it into the promised land and being obedient.  She also stressed that that obedience was IMMEDIATE.  Wow, how hard is that?  And yet, our God is so faithful.  I tend to really question, wonder, pray, make sure that HE really means what He says and THEN obey.   So, I was really challenged to just obey (like I always tell my own children to do) and not question.

When we finally made it home, Tigerfan had vacuumed the whole house, done the laundry, cleaned the laundry room and bathed all the children.  Why is it that he can accomplish in two days what I cannot do in two months?  He even made a welcome home card/banner type thing including a “picture” of me with very ample “girls” and a nice tight, flat tummy complete with belly button ring.  Don’t you just love a good photo shop session!

Anyway, I do not for one moment regret going off with a bunch of strangers.  I would do it again in an instant even if my surprise friend didn’t get to join in at the last minute.  In fact, I think perhaps I saw God’s hand a little more and felt less pressure to “perform” because of the situation.  I am really going to try to implement the things I learned this weekend and really be prepared to hear from God and allow Him to work in me.  It really was a great weekend and I am so thankful to Tigerfan for letting me go.

I’ll be back later this week and get back to my normal, meaningless posting, but thanks for letting me share a little about the weekend!  I love all my sweet internet friends!!!

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I Have Company!

My son has decided to join the bloggy bandwagon!  He started his own blog yesterday to keep everyone informed of all things LSU!  He also intends to try some comment contests like he has seen on Carolyn’s site.  If you get a chance, check him out here!

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Yet Another Reason I Will Not Be Mother of the Year

I mentioned recently that Football Boy had had a mole removed on his arm.  He has been a little trooper, going through daily sessions of cleaning the wound and changing the dressings.  He has been a tough little cookie as we have had to rip the bandages off  over and over (although, he did insist we stop using the huge square bandaids that removed the first two layers of skin every time it was removed, and opt instead for gauze and medical tape).  He has asked questions and made sure everthing was healing up okay and yesterday (Sunday) the big day arrived when Daddy got to remove the stitches.  They tried to convince me to do it–yeah, right!  Anyway, daddy removed the stitches and all was well.  He proudly showed off his scar at church yesterday and we thought we were through.  Until last night.  Now, let me say, I am sleep deprived (both from having four children and from a weekend Women’s conference) and the children are sleep deprived so we were not “at our best”.  We got home from church and started the Sunday Night routine:  Eat a bowl of cereal, brush your teeth, etc.  Only the children were not doing it with the speed and precision that I would have liked, so I was getting just a tad cranky.  We finally got them in their beds and I walked upstairs to find my bathroom COVERED in toothpaste, which really irritated me and then Tigerfan found a stash of ten T-shirts hidden all over the boys’ closet where they had deposited them in lieux of actually, you know, hanging them up.  They got out of bed to clean up and it was at that point my sweet, compassionate mommy side sort of disappeared.  Soon after,  Football boy came downstairs to talk to Tigerfan.  It seems that, as he was hanging clothes, he jabbed a hanger into his wound and reopened it.  He was okay until Tigerfan squeezed it ( I have no idea why he would do that) and it started bleeding again.

Oh, people!  He LOST it!  He went into a full blown panic attack:  Am I going to be okay?  What are we going to do?  Tears are pouring, breathing is erratic!  Am I going to bleed to death?  You get the picture.  And this is where my finest moment came in.  because, you see, I have a tendency to be a little sarcastic.  And while I realized he was scared, I could see that this was really not the end of the world, it was really okay.  And so, in a moment to make all mothers proud, I said.  “No, honey, you are Not going to be okay.  Let’s go upsatirs and Mommy will just cut off that part of your arm!”  I am not kidding.  That is really what I said!  It was a bad choice!  The panic escalated and it took a while, some sweet talk, some tylenol, some bandages,an elevated arm and a LOT of praying to calm him down.

This morning, I am letting him sleep.  Tigerfan is calling the doctor as soon as they open.  And I, well, I am keeping my mouth shut!

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Quick Updates

I can’t find time to do anything these days…so, in a nutshell, these are the things I feel called to share.

1.  In reference to the previous post, Tigerfan would like me to explain that it was not a sissy woman scream…it was a MAN scream!

2.  My precious in-laws went to see Mama Mia! Friday night.  They thought it was so cute that they offerred up free babysitting so we could go see it Saturday night.  It was the most fun date Tigerfan and I have had in a long time.  We laughed till we cried!  Now, let me now say, it was NOT because of the high caliber movie.  The actors were Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan and it was produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson…How could it not be good?  The movie was a musical and, people, I am a HUGE fan of the musical!  I can sing show toons from every decade imaginable (and I frequently do, much to the despair of my children!)  I am totally not offended by people spontaneously bursting out in song at the strangest possible moments. But…I am not sure if it was on purpose or not but it was just cheesy.  I mean, really.  Meryl would begin singing and suddenly all the little Greek townspeople were there dancing right along with her…with some mighty strange choreography.  During one song, every bachelor on the island sprang up with flippered feet and began dancing like penguins.  And…while I enjoy Pierc as 007–he CANNOT sing.  Really.  At all.  No talent.  AND the music was all inspired by, taken from songs by ABBA.  I think that says it all.  So…go, have fun.  But do not buy the expensive tickets.  Go to the matinee, go to the dollar theater, rent it on video and be sure you go with an open and very free mind!

3.  Dance starts tonight.  Dancer wore a bun to school.  She wanted to wear her leotard and dance tights.  I said no.  I am unreasonable like that.

4.  My sweet, precious Tigerfan helped me make arragnements to go see Priscill Shirer in middle TN this weekend.  Can I tell you how excited I am!  I love her.  I want to be like her!  I hope to give a recap sometime this century when I have more than 5 minutes to sit down and type.  Unfortunately…Baby is screaming his blessed little head off right now, so I must go.  I will be back.  Sometime!

Note: This message has not been proofread or spell-checked.  Forgive mistakes, etc.

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Its Really Not Funny

I mentioned yesterday our experiences at the dermatologist.  But, oh, I only skimmed the surface.  Since baby is sleeping and the other children are occupied, I thought I would sit a moment and give you a little something, something to ponder over the weekend.

Our dermatological visits began about three years ago.  Tigerfan had some moles he was concerned about and our general practitioner recommended he have them checked out.  He had an appointment scheduled but realized at the last minute that it was scheduled for the same time we were to be out of town for children’s camp.  He called the office to explain the situation and they told him they could work him in that afternoon.

Now, I may have mentioned Tigerfan’s OCD tendencies once or twice and he does not fail here.  Because, he had a scheduled day he wore each pair of underwear so that they were on a rotation basis and got equal wear (I am not kidding!).  Anywhoo, as would happen, on this day, which happened to be a Monday, the scheduled pair had gotten too worn and he had not yet purchased a replacement, so he decided to live life on the edge and go “free willy” so to speak.  He thought nothing of it and that afternoon, he went to his doctor’s appointment.  The nurse greeted him in a friendly manner and then asked him to undress down to his underwear.

Now he was in a pickle, because of course, HE WASN’T WEARING ANY!  He decided just to “fess up” and said, “what if I am not wearing any?”  The nurse, with superhuman composure, if you ask me, replied that he could just leave his pants on!  /to this day he swears he heard the whole office begin to giggle as soon as she walked out!

Well, as you can imagine, we have gotten A LOT of mileage out of that little story!  I even have family members who regularly send him boxers so he always has a back up pair.

But, my friends, the story does not end there, oh, no it doesn’t.  Because, you see, yesterday he went back for his yearly exam (with underwear on, I would like to add).  She asked if he had any moles he was concerned about and he mentioned one on his arm.  She agreed that it should be removed.  She then began the “full body check” and found only one more suspicious looking friend.  It just happened to be about 1 1/2 inches northeast of…well, how do I say this delicately, his crack.  She said she was sorry, but it would have to be cut off as well, and got busy.  They didn’t even shave him, people. 

Now, Tigerfan is very hair challenged on top of his head, BUT he can grow it in abundance EVERYWHERE else, yes, even back there.  So, he finally emerged from the office climbed into his truck and winced just a bit, not from the wound but from the hair that was being ripped off under the bandage.

Last night, it was time to clean and dress the wounds.  I tried to get him to make me mad so I would enjoy it a bit more, but he would not cooperate.  We started with his arm and all went smoothly.  It was then time to move to “where the sun doesn’t shine,” literally.  I really did feel bad.  I asked him if he wanted me to just jerk or go slowly..he opted for speed.  So we both gritted our teeth and I jerked.  So did he..and he screamed…and the bandage, it didn’t come off.  A lot of hair, apparently did.  We began again.  Jerk.  Scream.  A few more centimeters of loose bandage.  Again.  Finally, he said to just go for it.  I did.  I think he may have had tears in his eyes.  And people.  There was another bandage underneath.  Oh, yes there was!  And, yes, I had to do it again!  And while I do feel sorry for really was quite hysterical!  His hiney is feeling better today and we are using some much friendlier medical tape now…but something tells me that this story may well take its place in infamy.  Right next to going the doctor commando style!

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