School Days

How quickly the lazy days of summer can turn into the harried days of school.  We have officially been in school for four days now and I am EXHAUSTED!

Monday was home organization day.  Since most of our books had not yet come in, we did what we could and then cleaned and organized our school storage room…believe me, that was a whole day’s work in and of itself!  But, oh, the sense of accomplishment at one room all organized neat!  I feel certain it will look like that for about 1 more day!

Tuesday, we began tutorial.  People…how do those with large families get out of their house.  I thought we were going to have to rent a Uhaul just to carry our supplies to school!  It was insane!  I had wrestled with whether to put Baby in Mother’s Day Out or find a college student to watch him, but in the end we settled on MDO.  I took him down and dropped him off with just a tinge of sadness at leaving the little guy.  However, I was too busy to dwell on it.  Dancer was THRILLED to be starting kindergarten and the boys had their classes to go to (3rd and 6th) and I had orientation to attend and to hold in my 5th grade room.  We made it through the day with few casualties.  Dancer was so excited that she kept going up to complete strangers and saying…out of nowhere…”I started kindergarten today!”  It was so cute because it is so totally out of character for her!  I had a few issues with MDO but I think today they were all resolved so I will refrain from getting into that.

Wednesday we began settling into our routine.  We had most of our books and were able to make a relatively full day of school and didn’t have to rush to handbells this year so it seemed like a breeze.

Today was another tutorial day.  Everything was less crazy.  Not much to tell, although one of the Pre-K kids did go home Tuesday and was talking to his mom about school.  They  have an aid to  help in Pre-K and kindergarten and he told his mom all about how his class had a servant that just took them to the bathroom and stuff.  How funny is that?  After school, Tigerfan had an appointment with the dermatologist.  He had a few moles cut off a few years back that were pre-cancerous so he is now on the yearly checkup list (that, by the way brings to mind an embarrassing story I may have to tell on him one day–with his permission of course).  He wanted Football boy to go and get a mole checked out.  So, we dropped F.B. off at the doctor, drove across town to the dance studio to get Dancer,s shoes and tights for this year’s dance class and in the meantime, scare the begeebees out of the guy at the dance shop.  I know it isn’t nice, but it was funny!  He was in the restroom (which is in the middle of the store and doubles as the dressing room) when we came in and didn’t hear us.  We thought everyone was in the backroom.  We were looking at the tights right by the door and when it opened, the poor man about had a heart attack!  I kindly suggested that he may need to reenter the bathroom and clean himself up! Ha!  He suggested that Baseball Boy use my cellphone to call China!  Anyway, we then went back to get F.B. and he did indeed have to get the mole cut off.  Daddy said he was quite a trooper so we let him choose a place to go eat a very late lunch.  We then came home to do homework and change clothes so Baseball boy could go to ball practice.  F.B. has decided to play fall ball this year as well but is restricted from practice for a few days due to his wound.

That is where we are now.  I just updated my class website and checked the others for homework.  We are SWAMPED with it!  UGH!  I have a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a sink full of dirty ones that need to be put in it!  School bags are everywhere, the counters do not have an inch of space and I can’t get anything done because my 7 month old will not stay off the treadmill or scaling the couch!  Just a note, 7 month olds are not supposed to be pulling up on couches or crawling on treadmills!  Anyway, that is why it has been quiet around the ole blog for a few days and unfortunately, I just don’t have the gumption to think up anything clever to write about.  Hopefully I will get my act together soon.  Until then…okay, never mind, I was going to say something clever, but I got nothin’!  Be back…sometime!


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    Carolyn said,

    This sounds like a normal week schedule and life of a mom! Bless your efforts. It’s hard when they are small, but does get some better as far as household chores and things as they get older. Course then you have to deal with attitudes. I am not sure which is worse…the house or the mouth! 🙂

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