I am a SAHM, homeschooling 4 children (football boy 11; baseball boy, 8; dancer girl, 5; baby)  and married to my best friend.  Although we thought we were through after 3, the Lord  decided to bless us with another little bundle of joy just after Christmas.  I love to read, love my Bible Study, love the Food Channel and HGTV, and love popcorn night with my husband.


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    Charlie said,

    You did a GREAT! job on your first glob…..or is it blob? Let’s clear up one thing tho; if one more equals four then what does two more equal?

    Seriously…..that’s a strange word for me…..this was a very good first effort. Keep up the good work. I look forward to frequent updates.Perhaps you will prove better at updating blogs than answering emails.

    Anyway, we’ll see as time creeps on towards Christmas and those “blessed eventS”.

  2. 2

    Charlie said,

    By the way your blob time’s screwed up, it’s 8AM not 12:59PM….or is that Tenneesee time from another time zone…..or time warp

  3. 3

    Charlie said,

    The time seems corect today

  4. 5

    tia said,

    hey friend! congradulations on number four! my three are all grown and i have had to deal with that “empty “nest stuff, but all is good they all pop in and out all the time. i saw you sis -in-law and decided to e-mail you to say hey.
    write back soon love tia deblieux

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