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Yet Another Reason I Will Not Be Mother of the Year

I mentioned recently that Football Boy had had a mole removed on his arm.  He has been a little trooper, going through daily sessions of cleaning the wound and changing the dressings.  He has been a tough little cookie as we have had to rip the bandages off  over and over (although, he did insist we stop using the huge square bandaids that removed the first two layers of skin every time it was removed, and opt instead for gauze and medical tape).  He has asked questions and made sure everthing was healing up okay and yesterday (Sunday) the big day arrived when Daddy got to remove the stitches.  They tried to convince me to do it–yeah, right!  Anyway, daddy removed the stitches and all was well.  He proudly showed off his scar at church yesterday and we thought we were through.  Until last night.  Now, let me say, I am sleep deprived (both from having four children and from a weekend Women’s conference) and the children are sleep deprived so we were not “at our best”.  We got home from church and started the Sunday Night routine:  Eat a bowl of cereal, brush your teeth, etc.  Only the children were not doing it with the speed and precision that I would have liked, so I was getting just a tad cranky.  We finally got them in their beds and I walked upstairs to find my bathroom COVERED in toothpaste, which really irritated me and then Tigerfan found a stash of ten T-shirts hidden all over the boys’ closet where they had deposited them in lieux of actually, you know, hanging them up.  They got out of bed to clean up and it was at that point my sweet, compassionate mommy side sort of disappeared.  Soon after,  Football boy came downstairs to talk to Tigerfan.  It seems that, as he was hanging clothes, he jabbed a hanger into his wound and reopened it.  He was okay until Tigerfan squeezed it ( I have no idea why he would do that) and it started bleeding again.

Oh, people!  He LOST it!  He went into a full blown panic attack:  Am I going to be okay?  What are we going to do?  Tears are pouring, breathing is erratic!  Am I going to bleed to death?  You get the picture.  And this is where my finest moment came in.  because, you see, I have a tendency to be a little sarcastic.  And while I realized he was scared, I could see that this was really not the end of the world, it was really okay.  And so, in a moment to make all mothers proud, I said.  “No, honey, you are Not going to be okay.  Let’s go upsatirs and Mommy will just cut off that part of your arm!”  I am not kidding.  That is really what I said!  It was a bad choice!  The panic escalated and it took a while, some sweet talk, some tylenol, some bandages,an elevated arm and a LOT of praying to calm him down.

This morning, I am letting him sleep.  Tigerfan is calling the doctor as soon as they open.  And I, well, I am keeping my mouth shut!


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You Just Can’t Make Up Stuff Like This

Last night as I was cleaning the kitchen, Football Boy entered in to talk to me.  He is 11.  Remember that as you partake of the following conversation:

F.B.:  Mom, I was rolling this googly eye around my face and I rolled it in my nose.  It went up there and now it is stuck.

Me (dumbfounded):  You stuck a googly eye up your nose?!?

F.B.:  Yes, is that bad?

Me:  It is UP your nose?  Why would you stick it up your nose?

F.B. (suddenly getting worried):  Is it okay?  Am I going to die?  (tears now begin welling in his eyes!)  I can still breathe.  Is it okay?

Me:  No, you are not going to die.  But you should probably go try to blow your nose.

At this point, to the relief of all, the offending googly eye came out on its own.  And I started laughing hysterically!  F.B., somehow, I never thought I would be having this conversation with my eleven year old.

Tigerfan’s response when he got home:  So, you really wanted to see what your brains looked like, huh?

My thoughts:  I think he may only have seen a black hole!

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I am so excited as I write this post because tomorrow we leave to pick up Football boy after a week apart.  I didn’t know how we could get through a whole week without talking to him, but here we are at the end of it!  How time flies!  I was actually relieved that he wasn’t here last night as storms covered the mid-south.  He is soooo scared of them and would have been miserable, instead he was living it up in style–isn’t God good!

When we first got to our friend’s to drop him off, the boy he was going with immediately took him to his room to show FB the candy stash he had been saving for the boat!  He was so excited and the boys spent the next couple of days counting it, seperating it, etc.  The night before they left, his mother suggested he put it in his backpack, but no–he wanted to carry it.  Guess what?  He forgot the WHOLE bag!  I felt so bad for him, but really, it was kind of funny, he was just stunned when he realized all the candy was at home on his bed!  He quickly perked up, however, proclaiming that it was okay, his grandpa would probably get them more on the first stop.

This was just after his mother realized that on Sunday morning, he had unpacked his bag and worn one of the pairs of dress pants he had packed to church and got them filthy!  It seems that he HATES to wear shorts (which is unfortunate when you will be on a cruise for a week).  I had packed FB’s only two pairs of khaki pants for the trip and so Sunday morning all he had for church was a pair of khaki shorts.  D felt extremely sorry for him that he was suffering so much to wear shorts to church and offered to let him wear one of his pairs of khakis–after all, he has seven pairs!  As it turned out, D’s pants were to big and FB ended up wearing a pair belonging to D’s 8 year old brother (they make ’em tall in that family).  However, in all the rummaging around, D decided none of the other 5 pairs he owned would fit so he got a pair from his suitcase!  His poor momma, I thought she was going to die!

Anyway, we got the boys sent off and headed back home in much better weather!  I was sooo surprised a few hours later when my cell phone rang and it was FB calling from the boat!  They were taking off (or whatever it is when a ship leaves) in fifteen minutes, but D’s grandfather had graciously allowed him to call us before leaving.  I am telling you, that man got a big ol’ jewel for his crown with that one single act!  I asked how things were going.  And, oh, he was beside himself.  They had already eaten!  Plenty?  He informed me that they  had cut a full size pizza into fourths and gave him a whole piece!  He had eaten one other thing and two ice cream cones, and the ship had not even left yet.  His comment, “You know how they say it is all you can eat?  They mean it is ALL you can eat!”  He also bragged that they had given him his very own room key and map–I wonder if he would have been as excited if they had told him he could make his own bed or scrub his own toilet?  Lastly, he asked me if I knew that pointy part of the boat.  That is where he was standing to talk to me!  He was so excited and suddenly every ounce of questioning whether or not we had done the right thing by letting him go melted away.  How could I have possibly denied him this opportunity, one he will never have again and memories that will never fade away!  I have missed my little FB like crazy and cannot wait to hug his little neck tomorrow, but it was worth driving in pouring down rain, getting lost, even the gazzilion dollars we spent in gas to get him there to hear  the smile in his voice as he announced that he better go because the ship was getting ready to sail. 

Now, if only Tigerfan would take me on a cruise–I am pretty sure someone would hear a smile in my voice, too!

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Road Trip

It has been a CRAZY week!  All my denial of Football boys impending cruise has caught up with me and I have spent the week running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get the detail done!

This morning amidst storms all across the southeast my MIL and I will be hitting the road with four children to head to the Atlanta area so Football Boy can meet up with his travelling companions.  I can not tell you how many times this week I have said the words, “What was I thinking?” about letting him go on this trip.

My baby who will barely spend the night with a friend is leaving me for an entire week with essentially no way to contact us.  “What was I thinking?”

Anyway, things will be quiet here for a few days (I know that is highly unusual, right)!  We will be home on Monday just in time to take Dancer to dance and then I will have a mountain of laundry.  However, I will be one child short next week so maybe it will be an easier week. 

Have a great weekend and I hope everyone stays dry!

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It is amazing how quickly things can change.You are a college student and then married and then a parent in the blink of an eye.  It is really after children that life begins changing at whirlwind velocity.  Never more than now have I realized that.  Our oldest child will be turning 11 in less than a month.  He likes to remind me that in less than a month he will only be two years away from being a teenager.  A thought that, frankly, makes my blood run cold.  I am not ready for teenagers!

Anyway, it seems that with the upcoming birthday, Football boy has decided to make some changes of his own.  It began a few weeks ago.  He has always been quite terrified at night.  For years he would come to our room during the night and get in a sleeping bag next to the bed to sleep…until we kicked him out.  He was doing great until that fear again reared its ugly head.  We were determined not to start the whole sleeping bag thing so we told him just to turn the lamp on in his room when he woke up afraid.  This led to some miserable nights for everyone with him begging to sleep in our room and Tigerfan begging him to sleep and me begging for a trip to Australia (not really)!  A couple of weeks ago I finally asked him what he was afraid of (the answer is just about everything) and his main fear was someone getting into the house.  So, I decided to walk him through the house and let  him check all the doors to be sure they were locked, closets to be sure they were empty, etc.  It worked!  That child has slept all night long in his bed ever since!

He also had to go to sleep with the light on every night, much to the annoyance of Baseball boy with whom he shares a room!  All of a sudden, he is getting up and turning off the light so he can get to sleep easier!

These changes are big, but the real whoppers relate to food!  This weekend in Louisiana we visited one of Tigerfan’s favorite restaurants.  Catfish Inn in Hamburg, Arkansas.  It is a fried food lover’s dream and your heart’s worst nightmare.  There is fried fish, fried chicken, fried oysters, french fries, fried okra, fried onion rings…you get the picture.  Football boy was getting all geared up for a chicken leg as he moved down the buffet line.  He found a choice morsel and added it to his plate…only it wasn’t a chicken leg.  It was a frog leg.  Tigerfan, of course, encouraged him to take it and kept silent about the true identity of the meat.  Baseball Boy was not far behind and also began to take a chickenfrog leg but Tigerfan had mercy on him explaining the “joke” he was playing on Football boy.  BB must have had an unusual fit of compassion because when he got to the table he told FB the truth.  But FB ate the frog leg anyway, fully aware of its identity!  This is the boy who gags when he eats applesauce (or any fruit)!  Not only did he try it, he ate the whole thing!  And has already planned to eat another next time we go eat Chinese Food.  He also tried a chimichanga from my plate when we went to eat Mexican yesterday–a huge veering from his usual chicken nugget platter!  I guess my little boy is growing up.  I can only imagine what may come next.  Maybe he will start to clean his room or put away his Nintendo DS!  Hey, stranger things have happened!

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No More Braces!

Our exciting news of the day…Football boy got his braces off!  He was soooo excited.  He has a retainer on the top teeth and only has to wear his lip bumper at night.  Far more importantly, however (at least to a ten year old) is that he now has permission from the dentist to chew sugarless gum again!  Oh, the excitement.  He wanted to go immediately to Walmart and buy a pack of gun but his mean mother thought it was more important to go home and get some school done (she really is an unreasonable and difficult woman).  Not to fear, Tigerfan had some in a stash that he allowed Football boy to break into so all was not lost and we managed to make it through an entire school day with no emotional breakdowns (from him or me!) which lately is quite impressive.  Other than being incredibly busy, we had a pretty uneventful day.  It is late and 5:30 a.m. comes early, so that is about as deep, humorous, or interesting as I can manage tonight!  Maybe we’ll talk tomorrow!

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Football Boy

I wish I had some profound thoughts to offer about my sweet firstborn, but frankly, I don’t.  I told him I needed to write about him because I had written a little something about the other two and we are all about equal time and fairness in this house.  I asked him if he had any ideas and he said all he knew is to tell you about his football man he got in the mail today.  Now that, my friends, is some good blogging material!

So, our little skinny boy is not really interested in many sports.  We tried soccer, too muddy.  Tried baseball, lost interest.  Tried basketball, good way to kill time in the winter months but not a passion.  No, our very small boy wants to play football (not flag mind you; tackle).  Because what 50 pound 10 year old whose ribs you can count doesn’t want a piece of the big boys out on the field.  He even has intentions of one day going to LSU and playing football!  He hates my idea of sending him to the Air Force Academy where he can train to be a doctor who can jump out of planes ( really, how cool is that) but is totally willing to sacrifice his body at Tiger Stadium.

Anyway, we tried to sign him up for PeeWee football this year but missed the deadline by two days.  We put him on the waiting list and he has been anxiously awaiting a phone call telling him to come for a throttling, I mean for practice.  He has also gotten totally into Tiger football this year, staying up till ridiculous hours watching his boys play.  Friday Tigerfan is taking both boys to their first trip to Baton Rouge to experience game day first hand (they are so excited)!  All this has served to get his mind fully on football which has been incorporated into his second passion which is Playmobil.  If you have not experienced these wonderful, imagination stretching toys, you need to check them out and send them word I referred you–maybe we can get some credit or something considering we have probably invested enough money in Playmobil paraphanelia to put our little Football fan through college for at least a year!

These united interests led him to seeking out a Playmobil football player.  Of course this wonderful toy has been discontinued but Football boy was not deterred.  Because everyone knows that one must only look as far as Ebay to find must-have yet dicontinued items.  After much searching and research, he used his own money to buy a little football  boy off Ebay.  The description promised fast, next day shipping.  That was last Tuesday around 8:00 p.m.  On Wed. he rushed to the mailbox to see if it had come, after all, it was just coming from New York, how long could it take?  I explained that it had probably not even been mailed until that day and would take a little longer.  Every day since has been excruciatingly difficult, especially Sunday when they have the audacity to not deliver mail!  Monday, he KNEW it would come but when he went to check he returned with a double disappointment.  Not only had the package not come, but his Zoobooks magazine had and he just KNEW he was going to have a drawing published in it.  No package and no drawing which after our day yesterday is really no surprise.  Anyway, to make a long story longer, the treasured man FINALLY came today!  Oh, the joy!  Not only was he in the original, sealed box, but he even came with a pamphlet showing the other 5 million Playmobil toys available for purchase if you are only willing to put a second mortage on your home!  To top it off, the guy is wearing a red and black Wildcats uniform which is just icing on the cake for all you High School Musical fans out there!  That little guy has had a great day!  He has attended Playmobil Church service, joined us at Fazoli’s for supper and is now sleeping in a bed that, while for our Football player is just a twin size,  for him can only be considered a California King.

So I guess it is true: Pain ma be here for the night, but joy comes in the morning; sometimes through a little package in the mail!

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