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Women’s Weekend

I am not one to go off by myself.  In fact, I NEVER do.  NEVER.  BUT, last weekend, on very short notice, I got the opportunity to go to Middle TN to hear Priscilla Shirer.  PRISCILLA SHIRER, people.  If you do not know who she is, she is the daughter of evangelist Tony Evans, who is himself, amazing!  Anyway, I have done two of her Bible Studies and absolutely love her.  She is right up there with Beth Moore.  In fact, don’t tell anyone, but I might even like her a little bit better…and I LOVE me some Beth Moore!

Anywhoo, to make a long story longer, I searched and searched for someone to go with me but could not find anyone who could.  I had about decided not to go, but Tigerfan talked me into it and I decided to do something totally out of character and go with a bunch of women I had never met.  In fact, the lady who offered me the chance was someone I had only met once about two weeks before.  I decided the opportunity was just too good and I would be a big girl.  As it turned out, about three days before we were set to go, one of my friends worked things out and was able to go with me.  So, I did go out on a limb and made myself willing, but my Precious Heavenly Father chose to bless me by sending me a little lifeline!  Praise Him!

I went nuts trying to get things in order before leaving.  Poor Tigerfan even had to leave work early to take us to the meeting place and then keep the kids all afternoon.  He was so gracious (he really is a good egg!).  We had a fun little trip on the church van and ate an early lunch before the evening session.

And then…we worshipped.  Girls, I am telling you, we worshipped!  The singing was amazing, the message was amazing.  She talked (Friday night) about the children of Israel leaving Egypt and how we are freed by Christ when we receive him but that so many times we remain in captivity on our own.  Just like the Israelites begged to be returned to Egypt rather than wandering in the wilderness–often we go back to what is comfortable even though it keeps us captive!  That is so me!  She also talked about how important it was to expect to hear from God and we spent time just praying silently getting prepared to hear from Him.  It was really amazing!

Afterward 23 of us went to Shoney’s for a little treat.  My friend and I had decided just to visit and withstand the temptation of sugar at 10:00 at night, however, the waitress accidentally brought out four too many hot fudge cakes and we felt it our duty to help her out and eat one.  But we shared.  And we did not eat it all.  Really!  We had another surprise when we returned to the room to find our roommates had checked out.  It seems they did not want to share a room.  So, we even got our own beds to sleep in  aaaaaaagh!

We got up bright and early on Saturday for the second session.  More great music and then teaching on how to have a more meaningful Bible study time.  She gave a great plan for studying on your own without a “published” aid and let us practice with a few verses.  What an amazing thing–this has been something I have always struggled with.  I do great as long as I am doing a structured Study but when I am in between books, I flounder.  I have been using this method for a few days and while  I am still getting used to it, I can see where it can be really great and life changing.  After a short break (outside where we could thaw out because surely that church was only about 30 degrees), we met back for the final session where she talked about the Children of Israel finally making it into the promised land and being obedient.  She also stressed that that obedience was IMMEDIATE.  Wow, how hard is that?  And yet, our God is so faithful.  I tend to really question, wonder, pray, make sure that HE really means what He says and THEN obey.   So, I was really challenged to just obey (like I always tell my own children to do) and not question.

When we finally made it home, Tigerfan had vacuumed the whole house, done the laundry, cleaned the laundry room and bathed all the children.  Why is it that he can accomplish in two days what I cannot do in two months?  He even made a welcome home card/banner type thing including a “picture” of me with very ample “girls” and a nice tight, flat tummy complete with belly button ring.  Don’t you just love a good photo shop session!

Anyway, I do not for one moment regret going off with a bunch of strangers.  I would do it again in an instant even if my surprise friend didn’t get to join in at the last minute.  In fact, I think perhaps I saw God’s hand a little more and felt less pressure to “perform” because of the situation.  I am really going to try to implement the things I learned this weekend and really be prepared to hear from God and allow Him to work in me.  It really was a great weekend and I am so thankful to Tigerfan for letting me go.

I’ll be back later this week and get back to my normal, meaningless posting, but thanks for letting me share a little about the weekend!  I love all my sweet internet friends!!!


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Weekend Away

Tigerfan and I started a lovely tradition a few years ago.  Each year, on the weekend closest to our anniversary, we go on a one or two night no children trip.  Because it is close, it has always been to Nashville.  Twice the no children trip has included children do to the fact that they were infants.  My precious in-laws are always gracious enough to keep the children with them and we get a much needed break.  We have discovered in our little getaways, however, that our anniversary ALWAYS falls on the same weekend as FanFare (I think now it is called the CMA festival) and it is impossible to find Hotels, etc. in the area.  SO, we went early this year and took advantage of a break in the baseball schedule because of Memorial Day weekend to head out.  It was great!  Baby went with us and the other three got spoiled rottengot to stay with Nana and Papaw.  In two and a half days, they managed to rent 4 movies, the boys went to see Prince Caspian while the girls shopped, they went to Burger King, Mrs. Winners, and their favorite Catfish restaurant, ate Nana out of ice cream, went to the park and got to play with somebody’s pet ferrets…how can we compete with that?

Tigerfan and I had a great time doing what we enjoy most in Nashville…shopping.  Can you believe I was lucky enough to marry a man who actually likes to shop.  We went to Opry Mills Mall three times…in three days!  We also went to the Country Music Hall of Fame which is interesting because we go to Nashville at least a couple times a year and even lived there the first year we were married, but we had never been.  It was quite interesting!

Usually we do a great job at finding bargains…not so much this time.  BUT, although the quantity of bargains was low, the two bargains we got were indeed impressive.  We are now in the throws of a disagreement about who got the better bargain.  Tigerfan pre-purchased the New Third Day CD that will be released in July.  He paid $7.99 for the CD, got a free T-shirt, and a $5.oo gift card to Lifeway…Now, I acknowledge-he got a deal but just listen to this:  I got a cookbook that retailed for $17.00 (Incidentally, it has ties to the Amish but that is not even why it was a good bargain, it is just a little plus!) for 90% off.  I paid $1.70!!!!  Now, I ask you, who got the better bargain?

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All in a Weekend’s Work

Wow!  What a weekend!  It will be easiest to cover it in list format.

1.  Friday some of our friends were out of school for Teacher Appreciation Day.  My children should appreciate me, so we took the day off, too and hung out with them.  They have a trampoline (something I have tried to get my kids to ask for for Christmas because, frankly, I want one) and the weather was pretty but threatening rain, so they jumped for awhile and headed inside.  I got some much needed adult conversation and the kids played to their hearts’ content.  Eventually they headed back outside to jump.  We were enjoying our mommy time and not paying much attention until one of the boys came up to the door drenched.  It was POURING down rain and the kids were having a ball jumping in it.  We discussed whether or not to let them stay out and finally decided they were making great memories and they were already wet so we let them continue.  I took soaking boys home, but it was worth every minute.

2.  In a second of totally out of the ordinary organization, I had pre-made a lasagna before going a visitin’ so I just had to throw it in the oven when we got home.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner together and then Dancer began complaining of a tummy ache.  I chalked it up to a day of eating junkfood and didn’t think much about it until 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. (I think you get the picture).  She ended up with a full blown tummy bug that lasted two full days.  Poor baby could not keep anything in her!  This was truly a problem for her but I suggested it might be helpful for Baby boy who seems to be having some p**ping issues.  It began with him producing only on Sundays and Thursdays (you think I kid, but I do not!).  The days then changed to Tuesday and Friday.  This last Tuesday was VERY productive and we thought we were, perhaps making progress but the poor rascal has not gone since!  (Yes, I am fully aware that this is a case of way too much information!)

3.  Baseball boy had a ballgame Saturday morning at 9:00 which would have been fine except Tigerfan was in the woods (yes, he is the coach but it is turkey season and one must have priorities, really), my MIL had obligations at church and I had a sick child.  So, I took Dancer to the bathroom (precautionary) loaded up all four kidlets and headed to the ballpark.  I dropped off B.B. and headed back home.  The other coach brought him home with great news!  We now have won THREE games.  B.B. claims he got the winning hit (I have to believe him)!  Truly, the whole importance of the hits is cold, hard cash!

4.  Sunday, Tigerfan stayed home with Dancer while I took the rest of the clan to church.  We ate lunch with Nana and Papaw and returned to the infirmary.  Dancer was starting to perk up.  Tigerfan was working on a power point presentation for a class he started teaching tonight and I had kid duty.  We played Simon Says, Quiet Mouse, Still Mouse, Noah’s Ark, etc. until I was gamed out and suggested the children watch a little T.V.  This delighted Football boy who was wandering around the house like a lost sheep because he could not get on the computer to play–what is technology doing to our children? 

5.  Finally, things were getting back to normal, we prepared for a better night sleep but Baby was not to be forgotten.  He spent many hours last night reminding us he was there.  In our room.  Demanding attention.  Loudly.  And Shrilly (this word made since in my head–it did not transfer to type well).  HOWEVER on a semi positive note, during one of his bigger fits in the wee hours of the morning he learned to turn over!  My little boy genius, only 3 1/2 months!  He is quite pleased with his new found skill and has practiced all day.  He keeps turning on his tummy to sleep so now my sleepless nights will be because I feel compelled to get up and make sure his head is not buried in the bed!

6.  I realized, sadly last night that I do not smile and laugh like I used to.  I am too stressed out, so I committed today to be more laid back.  I got up and walked on the tread mill this morning.  I read extra chapters in our read aloud book at breakfast and didn’t freak out when we did not officially start school at 8:00 a.m.  (The book is called “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane” and it is adorable!).  We finished early.  Okay, well we didn’t do Spelling, Latin, Spanish…you get the picture but I did get all the laundry finished, scrubbed the bathrooms, etc.  My kids might not have a good education, but my house will be clean!  We then had dance, which we got to and Dancer decided her tummy hurt.  So, we skipped dance, went to the grocery store (and may I say that I would rather have all my teeth pulled out without medication than take four children to the grocery store), got gas and returned home.  I went to the store without a list so I came home with 2 packages of brownies, oreos, 4 bags of chips, a cake mix, kool aid drinks, peanut butter and honey…you get the picture.  And when I got home at 6:00 with a baby who wanted to eat two hours earlier, with groceries to put away, dinners to fix, a science project to do with Football boy, baths to get to and ironing to do, what did I do?  make chocolate chip cookies from a recipe Happy Mommy gave me.  Because, again, I am all about priorities.  The cookies, by the way are quite good and super simple!

Are you as tired of reading as I am of typing?  Four Little Penguins left me a comment today saying she wished I would post more often.  Frankly, I do to.  I just have this pesky time management problem.  I really need an intervention people.  I wish that I had never discovered blog stats because I stress all the time about the need to post so my 9 loyal readers will not abandon me.  I think of posts all day long, but I often just run out of day and lose my thoughts before I type them.  I read other blogs like We Are THAT Family who has been blogging about the same length of time as me and get a little envious (ooo, our pastor preached on that Sunday) that they have so many readers and so many commenters and so many posts!  It is like being in high school again and trying to win that elusive popularity.  And yet, I did not start blogging to gain a following so I am trying, please bear with me.  I will post eventually, and maybe eventually I will get back to daily posts, until then remember, if you do not hear from me, I am ignoring my own advice, multi tasking too much, and striving to get organized enough to not be quite so flighty.  AND, just because I am ignoring my own blog–I am not ignoring you, my children may go without a meal but I will check in with my faves every day.  There is nothing wrong with that, right? 

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Headed to LA

We are heading out tomorrow for Louisiana for a much needed visit and to introduce Baby to his great grandma and to some of our dear friends!  It will be quiet around the blog this weekend (I know, shocking!) but I will be back next week with news and maybe a picture of Dancer’s latest outfit.  At the rate I am going however it will be ready sometime next spring.  So far it took a full day to cut the pattern.  One day to sew the two pieces of the pants together.  Last night I sewed the ruffles and today I sewed one ruffle to the pants!  All this along with breaking the needle on my sewing machine.  Completely sewing on the ruffle only to discover I was out of bobbin thread, sewing once without even having the bobbin in, etc.  I am beginning to think this just wasn’t meant to be.  Anyway, maybe soon I will complete the outfit that can theoretically be made in 1 hour!  LOL!

 Have a great weekend!

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Weekend Wrap-up

Okay, the weekend at a glance:

Friday night:  Nana and Papaw came over to stay with us while they got new flooring laid in their house.  The kids enjoyed visiting and went on to bed pretty early because they wanted to watch a movie in bed and because we had to get up early for Pioneer Day on Sat.  Once the kiddos got settled, the grown ups watched “We Are Marshall”  Nana had rented it for us to watch and we LOVED it!  In fact Tigerfan has assigned Nana the task of finding him a Marshall T-shirt when she goes to West Virginia this weekend.

Saturday, Tigerfan got up with the roosters and headed to the state park where they were setting up Pioneer Day.  Pioneers (for those who do not know) are the telecommunication charity group.  Tigerfan happens to be the local president this year and this was a way to try to encourage telecom families to join the Pioneers and help with some of their activities.  It was really different for the Pioneers because instead of raising money for other groups it was really a day for Pioneers and their families and potential pioneers.  They had a hopper, face painting, pumpking painting, a cookout, etc. 

We left a couple hours after Tigerfan and stopped off at Mrs. Winner’s for a cinnamon roll on the way.  We hadn’t been there since Fall Ball started and were starting to go into withdrawal.  We got to the park about 10:00 and the kids played NON-STOP until about 3:00.  They had a blast!  Out boys’ favorite thing was Mexican Bingo.  It was like regular Bingo but instead of letters and numbers they had pictures and Spanish Words and little dollar store prizes–but that is all it took.  They brought home two stuffed bears, a huge bag of candy, a best mom candle and a $5.00 Walmart gift card.  They also brought home two bags of candy as prizes for bobbing for apples.  Needless to say, the Pioneers have given a charitable donation to our dentist as well! 

When we got the kids bathed and in bed Saturday night, we sat down to the other movie Nana rented: “Premonition” with Sandra Bullock.  I really like her and I really like suspense but this will not be on my favorites list.  It was really strange and really stressful and I am still not sure about that ending.  If you have seen it and loved it, maybe you can enlighten me about it, until then I will probably not be recommending it to the masses!

Today has been a lovely, peaceful day of rest!  Nana and Papaw’s floor is finished and they get to sleep in their own bed tonight.  I cannot wait to see the finished product!  I am so glad we had a nice weekend because this week is going to be crazy!  Football boy gets his braces off tomorrow!  Yeah!  We have dance and Upward Evaluations tomorrow night, Upward Evaluations Tuesday night, we will probably go to Camp Bluebird with Daddy Wednesday night, we have a fundraising banquet for the Christian School I used to teach at Thursday night, we start a new P.E. class on Tuesday and I get a haircut Friday and somewhere in between all that we have to actually do school!  It is amazing to me how other families do it.  Our children are really involved in very little and I am very careful about the outside activities we commit to and I feel like we run from place to place all the time.  I am totally amazed and perplexed at “normal” people who go to school, have homework and are going from activity to activity all the time–I am tired just thinking about it.  Or maybe I am just tired!  Anyway, that is our weekend at a glance, hope you had a great one and can look forward to a great week!

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Not Much to Blog About

Another weekend has come and gone.  Each Friday I promise myself I am not going to neglect my little blog.  But here it is Sunday night and I haven’t typed a thing.  If it was because of all the exciting living I was doing, that would probably be okay but I must honestly say, I have no good excuse.  We have been home quite a lot this weekend so Tigerfan could recover from his “procedure” and be ready to go back to work tomorrow.  He has done great and has really had very little pain…so, all you men out there that are too chicken to have this done…you have no excuses!!!

Friday we had a regular school day although we did try to be quiet and let Daddy rest.  Football boy wanted a game day, so when he finished school, he and Daddy played games, baseball boy played on the computer, Dancer took a nap and I FINALLY cleaned up all the clothes in our bedroom.  You can actually sit in the sitting area now!  Friday night we rented Charlotte’s Web and ordered pizza and had a pizza night!  Fun!  When the kids went to bed, Tigerfan and I tried to watch a movie but I made a very poor selection and after hearing the horrible language for about 10 minutes, we decided we had donated $5.00 to Blockbuster and watched a little TLC instead.  We watched the end of What Not to Wear which I always enjoy but it was followed up by a wedding dress show.  People, in the world of reality T.V. is there no limit?  I mean, I browsed through a lot of wedding magazines in my day–but truly, one full hour of watching people choose a wedding dress?  I really do not think this one is destined for greatness!

Saturday we had two ballgames.  One at 10:30 a.m.  One at 7:30 p.m.  Is there not just something wrong with that.  I would like to say how fun and exciting they were, but we were like the bad news bears and got absolutely blown away both games.  Tigerfan ventured out for the evening game but he was in mourning after the worst LSU ballgame of the season.  I know Kentucky fans are celebrating everywhere (most of them were sure to let me kow at church this morning) about their biggest win ever, but things were not pretty in our house, or car.

Anyway, after church and lunch this morning, my Mother-In-Law and I hit a consignment sale, today was 1/2 price day.  I have to say I didn’t have high hopes but think I did quite well.  I spent $23 and brought home a smocked, Sunday dress, a jeans/peasant shirt outfit with tags still attached, and two hair bows (New) for Dancer, and a Polo outfit for Baby.  This afternoon, we just stayed home and rested.  Tigerfan was laying low for the last day before going back to work so we watched an entertaining “show” of The Lion King put on by the children, played mall and birthday party and watched Extreme Home Makeover.  Pretty calm and uneventful.  I need to go make school plans for the week and would love to get in a little reading time before we turn in for the night, so I hope everyone has a wonderful week and maybe tomorrow something wonderfully blog-worthy will happen for your bloggy entertainment!

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Weekend in Review

I have not dropped off the face of the earth!  I have had the best intentions of writing but just haven’t made it.  So, in the interest of updating on my very exciting life, here is what has been going on around here.

Friday was supposed to be a regular school day, but my friend’s children were out of school for fall break so we did school for a couple of hours in the morning and then made it a park day (that counts as P.E. right?).  The kids had a ball although it was INCREDIBLY hot for October (close to 90 degrees, I think).  We have a great new playground at the park so they had fun on that, Daddy met us for a picnic, the boys skated on the hockey rink and the girls swang and swang and swang.  At one point a school bus of school children converged on the park, we did pretty good at avoiding the crowd but as my friend, T, was pushing the boys on the tire swing, the school children began getting closer and closer and closer.  She finally decided she would just have our kids get off so no one got hurt and told them that it was time to give someone else a turn, and that is all it took.  Twenty children all attacked the swing at once, trapping our boys so they couldn’t even get off.  Poor T didn’t know what to do, she managed to help the boys out of the crowd before they were completely mauled but by that time one of the teachers had come to the rescue!  Our children decided soon after that they were ready to go home!  T ended up letting my whole crew go home with her for a couple of hours so I headed home solo.  Our plans for the night were to get the pool vaccuumed one last time because our new cover finally came in so we had a friend coming Saturday to help us install it.  I decided to be helpful and while the kids were gone go ahead and get that done, besides, I already smelled like a beast so “no better time than the present, right?  I have to admit that I just about wore myself out.  I was so tired when I came in, but Tigerfan was soooo appreciative AND he rewarded me with chocolate and a 20 oz. Diet Coke and really, anything is worth that!  The boys were anxious to get in their beds because I had told them they could play on their DS’s for a little while, so at 8:00 on a Friday night, the children PUT THEMSELVES TO BED!  Dancer stayed up a little longer and attacked and wrestled her daddy for a little while and thoroughly enjoyed having him all to herself, but she was worn out and didn’t last long and by 8:30 they were all in bed.  Tigerfan and I enjoyed our snack and we turned in pretty early too knowing he had to get up early and start the pool covering process.

Saturday morning, we expected our friend at 8:00 a.m.  He had told us it would take about 2 hrs to install the cover and baseball boy had a ballgame at 10:30 so we knew it would be close.  Well, he got to our house at 9:00.  Needless to say, I took baseball boy to the game without Daddy.  However, he managed to hit a homerun!!!!!  I would love to tell you all about it, but I MISSED IT!  I missed my child’s homerun sitting right there talking to my friend.  All of a sudden someone said, “S, did you see it, your boy just got a homerun!”  People, I did not even know my child was batting, oh. the horror!  Of course, as any good mother, I ran up and congratulated him and did not let on at all that I had missed the whole thing–I couldn’t tell him that!  We called Daddy to tell him and when we got home, Daddy wanted the whole story.  Which I couldn’t tell him.  Because I MISSED IT!  But, again as any good, loving, supportive mother would, I downplayed it saying I was pretty sure it was a run on errors, yada, yada, yada.  I found out from the other coach this morning that it was indeed a true home run.  My child hit a linedrive down the middle and scored a homerun and in case I have not expressed it, I MISSED IT! 

We got home around noon, and the cover installation was still in progress (2 hours???).  By 1:00, they were through and we began cleaning up so the kiddos could go to Nana’s and Tigerfan and I could begin our Christmas shopping (Yeah!)

I had the boys write out their lists and we were ready to hit the stores by a little before 4:00.  We picked up a few things at Walmart, went to eat a sandwich, and then got serious.  We were able to purchase THE BIG GIFT which I cannot mention in case little eyes were to find this blog post.  This was a huge reief to me because I had heard this item was going to be hard to get your hands on this year and I am worrying enough without having to search for this.  However, we ran into another little problem, so if the three people who read this have some input, feel free to give us advice.  Out oldest (10 yrs) asked for 2 playmobil sets.  He truly does love them and plays with the ones he has all the time.  However, they are big and expensive and about to take over the bedroom.  His little brother also asked for one.  That would be three sets for any math challenged people out there.  One of Football boy’s requests was a playmobil airplane (which we already have one of—but THIS one is different).  He also asked for a huge army airplane and a lego airplane (from different people, but still…)  So, what child needs that much playmobil or that many enormous airplanes with which to play?  We have tried to explain that he is getting older and he might lose interest in those toys soon and maybe we could invest in something a little more practical like an IPod (that is a great gift, right) or a stereo for his room.  But, no!  If he cannot get the playmobil all he wants is a laptop computer of his very own (because you know we have a money tree growing in the back yard) or a cell phone (because every 10 year old boy who is homeschooled and never away from his parents for more than an hour or two and never away from phone service NEEDS a cell phone).  I hate to dissappoint him, but I hate to spoil him with more “stuff” that is not necessary and even a little wasteful in my opinion.  So, that is our ongoing dilemma right now.  Any thoughts?

We had church this morning, a baseball game this afternoon that was soooo incredibly ugly it doesn’t even need mentioning, and are getting ready to head back to church tonight.  It has been a busy weekend but pretty nice other than the ride to church this morning when football boy was so mad at us because we informed him he will not be getting a laptop or a cellphone.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a regular day, but we will probably have T’s kiddos over for there last day of fall break so, who knows.  At the rate we are going, we will not finish this school year until next August, but boy will we have fun!

Gotta run, get everyone ready to head back to town, hope everyone has a great week and I will definitely be a better poster this week.  I have to keep my three fans happy! 🙂

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